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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Life is Full

Feast your eyes on these beauties I found while,
Digging in the dirt and thinning my radishes. Some sweet, some savory!
There is nothing more sweet than the scent of a lovely rose as white as the snow., I call this one Snow White because I do not know her real name.

The Salvia hugging the wattle fence is putting on it's first show. Another will follow in the fall.
I regret to say that I have long forgotten the names of my few iris that have beat the elements of weather and rodents. I do love this surprise.
I came upon a deal at a garage sale over the weekend. This cute little feeder just had to come home with me for 50 cents., complete with a cut glass cardinal.
A breakfast taste of my first Staci Strawberry of the season. I hope I get to it before the bluebird.
Unbelievable! I counted 92 buds on this Peony along. Imagine the scents of summer when the entire row of them open. And to think these were in the trash. What a rescue.
Another of my memory slips, is the name of this fine peony, which is a medium pink. I've yet to get a light pink and the white ones that my mother has. Someday!
Hanging from the lower branch of the spruce tree by my feeders and cedar swing, hangs this gorgeous coral colored Begonia with blooms that resemble little tulips. Don't ask the name., once again, I do not know. I just love it.
Aha! I do know the name of this little gem. It is a common Blue Flag, found in wet ditches and fields. This one has been by the birdbaths for nearly 20 yrs. It was a gift from my youngest son on my birthday when he was 8. It struggles but insists on hanging on. I still can see Andy beaming with pride while he planted it for me., all part of the surprise. Thanks again, Andy.
Today, that same young man and his son's came to the garden while I was hoeing, smiles wide on their faces, holding a beautiful bouquet that they had cut of flowers from around the yard. That would be the first picture of this entry. Thanks boys. I love you!

It doesn't take much to make my day. Good food from God's good earth, beauty all around me, and family.
I pray your days are filled with simple, sweet joy.


texwisgirl said...

how sweet are your boys/grandboys! :)

jack69 said...

Sweet thang, you are blessed. YOu deserve it. That is a beautiful bouquet.
The pictures are good, I could eat some radishes about now and it is late.
I always love to see your alerts and know something nice is going to be here.
Love you girl and hope you have a great week. (Now get to bed!)
Love you, and wish you the best.
Love to Bill and hope he is well.

And as some blogger says:

jack69 said...

That Iris (I think you called it the purple one) reminds me of mama, I think she always had those.

Love ya

Paula said...

I always love the walks through your yard and I should be in bed. Goodnight.

Louise said...

You have a beautiful yard, full of lovely flowers. They do uplift the soul, don't they? The bouquet that your son and grandson brought you is lovely, and especially cherished because of the love that they brought along with it.

Jill said...

What a sweet son and grandson. It is true..you reap what you sow. Everything looks so pretty. I'm especially fond of your white rose and all of those peony buds!

Clint said...

Your pictures are gorgeous, but I am really lusting after those beautiful radishes.

Remington said...

That is so cool! I love all the pics! Beth said she is craving a radish sandwich now....

Cher' Shots said...

I love how the flowers and vegetables continue to change throughout the summer. Taylor picked me a bouquet of wildflowers yesterday ~ yes, we have the three oldest grand loves for week :)
'love & hugs from afar'

imac said...

Abundance of all things, what pretty flowers too.

Anonymous said...

Your flowers are gorgeous. I love the Peony.

Lucy said...

Just so maNY PRETTY PICTURES of flowers As you know flowers are my downfall. I can't stay away from my flower beds and I pay for it everytime. I don't think my umbrela plant is in full bloom, yet. If it is I will post a picture tomorrw.

Fred Alton said...

My fav of your flowers today was the hanging basket. All beautiful - but that one was outstanding.