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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hello There!

Hello There again. It's time for another walk around the place, don't you think? I'll waddle. After you!It looks like Ma found another beauty in the woods on her field trip the other day....a dandy quartz, looks like. Do any of you know for sure? She's going to get it today if it decides to stop raining. I hope she puts it by me. She quacks me up sometimes, with all those pretty rocks.
Ma's so proud of this bush. It's a Bridal Wreath that was planted 31 years ago almost to the day. It was the same week they bought the house and got married later in the fall. Nice place to lay an egg under.

I guess she was on a mission of madness the day she found these creepy petunias. The yellow one is even called the Phantom and the other one isn't so bad. It's a Pinstripe. I sure wish she'd move them tho. They sit right above my steps and they give me the 'willies'. I guess as long as Ma likes them....eee
I caught her looking down the throat of this Iris~~kind of neat, really, but she's getting short on memory and long on late these days so she doesn't remember the name of it, other than Bearded.
This rusty old Hummingbird has just about seen it's day, in my opinion, but once again, Ma likes it and he stays. Heck, I have had a broken wing for a few years now and she still kept me. I better watch what I say.
She sure loves her plants. This white bloom is from a Mohican Viburnum. Ma was happy to see a bud coming last week because she thought it would be a few yrs. She got this on a run to Wi. Rapids. last spring.
Ma says she needs to get the paint brushes out. Her fawn & bunny rock needs freshening up.
Another Viburnum, aw, this one is an Onotogon ?, with the red center surrounded with tiny white flowers. Kinda cool.
Here's the same bush in different light, the shady side like I like. A duck has to cool her feathers somewhere. The leaves turn red in the fall.
This purple globe and the 50-some around it, smell like onions if you dig up their bulbs. Don't ask. I didn't mean to. She calls them the Uncle Bob Allium., I suppose cause she got them from Uncle Bob.
Ma is rescuing plants all the time. These tight-budded Peony were in the trash of her daughter-in-law. They had to build a dog-run and they were in the way and going to be tossed. Ma came to the rescue. I can't wait til they open. That would be right around Ma's birthday. She always brings a bouquet of these into the house, ants and all.
The Wild Roses along part of the driveway are about to open. They sure are pretty little things.
See, there's the first one. I even like these.
Now, these, happen to be planted close to my nest. They belong to her Grandlove but I'm still thinking of checking to see if they taste like their name. Ma Hears everything too. She just told me that, just because it is called the Candy Corn Vine, does not mean I can eat it. She says , " Never put anything in your mouth without asking. "
She calls this the Bunny Run. Hmmm, that's O.K. by me. They're kind of fun to chase.
There's that Bearded Iris again, looking dapper.

Well, now this is what I've been waiting for. I cannot wait to sink by beak into the strawberries Ma got from cousin Staci. Mmm.She has two of these culvert beds of berries, but I do think I can get my beak through those wires. Can't wait, Can't wait.
Folks, thanks for tagging along. That's it for this morning and maybe the weekend. There's a party for Ma & Pa to go to, so I have to keep an eye on the place for them. I have a perfect vantage point to do that from and happy to help. Afterall, if I do a good job, maybe, just, maybe, I will get a taste of those strawberries yet.

You all have a great weekend and as Ma always says,


Cher' Shots said...

I enjoyed the waddle around your yard but I want to see the rest of you Mr. Duckie! I love your noggin!
'love & hugs from afar'

Twilight_fan_101 said...

Mr Duck is quite the tour guide! I love his waddle around the yard. Seeing all his favorite spots! I am on the hunt for a bridal wreath bush. My friend Lori has one and now I want! Beautiful tour!

texwisgirl said...

wow. i need a guard duck... my dogs like to sleep a lot these days in the heat!

Dragonfly Treasure said...

Loved the tout Mr Duckie! You better watch out...us women like our strawberries!
You're a lucky duck to live in such a pretty garden!

imac said...

Abundance of beauty.

Farmchick said...

Love that Bridal Wreath and those petunias are gorgeous.

~mel said...

Oh Lord ~ now she's a talking resin duck speaking of Dar as Ma! Help us all!! LOL I guess if people can use their animals and speak through them you can use your plastic duck. Seriously, have you considered getting a cat or dog??? Just a thought.

Lucy said...

I loved waddling around with you. More than that a look at very pretty flowers.

Paula said...

I hope you have one of those fancy pancy wardrobes sold in little catalogs. You certainly deserve one after a tour like you just gave.

jack69 said...

Okaaaaay, I worry about folks that have animals and critters that talk and understand them.
HOWEVER my favorite is the Iris and the Wild Rose. I did enjoy the tour quacked me up also. haha

I just went back looking over the past posts, some I missed. Loved the shot of your mom (or if I am talking to a Duck, you grand ma) and the impatients.
Pretty entry and love the approach!
Sherry & Jack in the Mts smooching!

Lynilu said...

Mmmmmmmm. Such pretty flowers on your walk!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Great tour guide you have there, Ma.... Your flowers are all so pretty --in addition to your other yard thingees... Love the fawn rock, and that Bridal Wreath is AWESOME.

We're in Oklahoma tonight. Having a great time so far.

Home In The Hollow said...

I love "Waddle" and his narrative as well...that Bridal Wreath is absolutely gorgeous as are the "bearded" wonders! Thanks for stopping by the Hollow...hope you enjoyed it as much as I do your place!...:)JP

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

I enjoyed your morning walk. Thanks for taking me along.
Have a great week!