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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fireworks Weekend

We had lots of fireworks this weekend. Tons of dandelions are blowing their seeds around the yard. We have no time to worry about their pretty little heads. Our lawn is too large to contain them, at least at the moment, as they drift throughout the county. We do care, mind you, but we also don't mind that first spring color, or the necklaces and crowns it produces for the GrandLoves. They even find some joy in them as they blow fireworks all over the place. I know, we really should invest in some weed killer. Perhaps, next year.

Now, for more important things. How do YOU transplant your rootbound Iris? We used the bucket of the tractor to lift them, took the time to remove as much of the unwanted weeds and quack grass, and reset them on the east side of the barn. Oh, what a project. I cannot imagine doing this the 'old' way, with fork, back and muscle. Thanks to Bill, this was done in only a few hours instead of weeks.
What once was full of Hollyhocks will now be full of Yellow Flag Iris, Giant Sunflowers and Cosmos of various colors and varieties.
On to another of Bill's projects. Fill 'er up, Big Guy. He loves playing with his toys.
Let 'er fall where it may. The reason the Iris bed had to be moved, was, Bill needed the space to fill in a wider entrance to his second garage stall. Soon it will look all different and tidy again.
There was also wood to make for the winter. This is just an inkling of what has been cut already. Click on the picture to see the 3 tools of the woodman's trade.
While in the neighborhood, of course we had to cool off in the cabin during breaks. It's like walking into A/C. The cabin's logs keep it very cool in the summertime. We have gone from icy cold temps to burning hot but we are not complaining one bit. Bring on the Summer Fun.
Thanks for taking a peek. Come again and


Lucy said...

As usual Dar, love your pictures and your descriptions. My plant may be doing something different now. Should be able to tell today. Yesterday it looked like a 4 point star might be forming on top of leaves. Isn't it pitiful to get excited thinking it might be going to do something. I wanted to ask you and I have Googled this but didn't get an answer. I got 2 fuschia hanging baskets for mothers day. The winds blew most of the blossoms off it and now should I cut the pods off all over the plant where it is not blooming to encourage growth. Pods are about all that is left. Thanks for any info you can give me.

texwisgirl said...

i read on a blog recently advice to 'get over it' trying to kill off dandelions. they provide the first blossoms of the season which feed the honeybees and keep insects going until other plants can catch up. so i say, let the fireworks continue! :)

~mel said...

Like I said before ~ if Bill wants to run away from home and play somewhere else with that tractor and trailer ~ I have a few projects for him:) Be thankful that he helps you with that back breaking work! Keep cool ~ it's suppose to be a scorcher today.

ONG said...

I finally learned to embrace the dandelions this year and even liked how they looked early in the spring. Not worth the worry or effort to control them.

Great photos of the big jobs you've undertaken. I'm jealous of the equipment. Looked like a lot of fun!

Cher' Shots said...

I sometimes wish we had a tractor with attachments. Probalby overkill for our lawn but a little loader would work great for turning over our mulch pile. Now that we have a bagger on the riding lawn mower we have lots and lots of mulch. Your place(s)are looking great!
'love & hugs from afar'

Paula said...

I believe you live in heaven dandylions (sp) and all.

Darla said...

Not a fan of the dandelions....that's one big mass of iris there...big jobs, glad you have the coolness of the cabin to take a respite.

imac said...

Flying angels are wonderful to photograph, love your post too.

Fred Alton said...

I'm with you - anything that pleases the grandloves and doesn't hinder grandmother - I'll support it! ☺ Man oh man - I envy Bill's tractor and bucket! It's such a help in moving things about.

Farmchick said...

That cabin does look like a great place to cool off!

jack69 said...

I want a dump trailer!!!! I envy the tractor, my Yanmar looks about the same but just doesn't have the power of the Blue!

Don't know a thing about bound or rebound plants. but like the pictures.

Hug Bill for us. Hope the eye are doing better.
Love from North CArolina