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Monday, May 9, 2011

Truckin' With My Baby

Saddle Brown is my color. I aim to please, and please, I have done.
My new owners are proud to drive this Ram 1500 Big Horn. Anyone interested in a new set of wheels, or used, call Dale at Bothun Automotive in Eau Claire, Wi. Tell him Dar sent you. He did a great job for us and will for you too.
We spent the weekend on the road and got Bugged to Death....need I say more. Big Bill cannot have bugs on his new baby.
We spent the night at my daughters, the one that got kicked around by one of the horses she boards. Thanks for all the prayers for her. She is doing fine after Epson Salt baths for the bruising, a CT scan for peace of mind where they found the horse hoof had pushed the cartilage from her bottom ribs. She has a guardian Angel, for all the rainbow marks on her body.
The horse on the far right is the one that caught her in the lower back, hip, ribs as his hoof slid down her side. The other foot nailed her in the back of the knee. Thank God she was not injured more. She is back to doing chores and even photographed a horse show a few days later. She's my little trooper!
On our road trip, we saw some cool churches. I've always loved taking pictures of churches and barns...is there a correlation there? Hm, after all, Jesus was born in a stable/barn, wasn't He!
The Forsythia in my son's yard was gorgeous. It screams spring!
He and our GrandLove Josh, were busy laying a new deck after water damage in their basement and family room. It's looking great.
Taking an alternate route home, we stopped at the Morning Glory Nursery near Athens, WI. for some apple trees. My, what nice trees and a beautiful nursery, soooo, if you are in the area, stop and visit. You will not go home empty-handed. Prices are amazing.
We spent an entire day at this project. Not because it requires all day to plant two trees, but because of a major blunder in the process.
You see, as I was pulling the slack out of the water hose, I had inadvertently pulled the entire water pipe out of the wall of the house.
Bill and I both went running, (neither of us are track stars), to the basement to turn off the water that was spraying out every which direction. It took another hour to run to town for replacement parts and redo what I had undone. By that time it was time for lunch and a beer. Remember now, Bill doesn't drink beer anymore, and my belly rejects it, but this time, we drank the last two left behind out of our son's stash. I'll have to thank him.
The trees were finally planted, the yard cleaned up, deer-deterent fences and mulch in place, and all is forgiven.

Now, let's hope I don't back into anything with his new truck. I tried to convince him that we should have had that feature added to the truck that included the Garmin and the Back-up screen, especially now that I cannot turn my head. Hmmm

Thanks for stopping by and listening to this dribble. Ya'll come back.


Osage Bluff Quilter said...

What a classy ride.
I love thopse Dodge trucks, and the way you sit up and feel like a Queen or King!

texwisgirl said...

oh dear. glad you repaired the water line!

the truck is a beauty! please be careful with it! ha!

glad you're getting spring!!!

Muffy's Marks said...

Nice ride!! OMG, the hose issue. There is nothing worse than water, glad you got everything under control, before too much damage was caused.

Lucy said...

Great looking truck. Plus you were able to repair your little boo boo.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Beautiful new vehicle, Dar..... I'm sure your hubby is in 7th heaven... Not sure I'd drive it for awhile---until it gets older and after it gets its first scratch... ha

Sorry about the water problem. Glad you got it all fixed fairly quickly. You are one powerful woman to put it out of the wall... ha

Glad your daughter is okay.. Scary!!!!


Paula said...

Better stay outta that truck until it gets it's first ding 'cause I think by the good looks of it, it could be cause for divorce. lol Glad your daughter is doing okay. Those big ole' horses can do a lot of damage.

Cher' Shots said...

WoW ~ you done good! So will you still be seen with your sister who gets around in her 10 year old Yukon???
'love & hugs from afar'

Fred Alton said...

Dar, you and Bill bought a really nice looking truck! I'm glad you had the opportunity to visit the daughter and happy to hear that she's gonna be o.k. She sounds like one tough lady. Great pictures here too!

The Wife of a Dairyman said...

Lovin' that new truck! enjoy your new ride:)

~mel said...

So when will the new run out and he'll quit spraying off the bugs? Should we start placing wagers??LOL

Dante Mallet said...

I miss doing road trips. And seeing this blog post made me miss my first truck. You're truck looks cool, and it seems that you really had fun truckin' with your baby.