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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ray of Sunshine, Done

Is that a ray of Sunshine? Even a sliver of it's warmth gives hopes of a new spring day. All I can say, is, " It's about time." and " Thanks."The hygrometer says we are done.
We are done making our family a taste of fresh maple syrup. The trees are budding fast with the warmer weather and promises of thunderstorms by tonight. Once the buds open, the sap run is over.

No more collecting sap off the muddy trails, no more hearing that ' ping, ping ' in the bottom of an empty sap bucket. No more waiting hours into days, for the finished product to drip one drop into a thread of syrup at the tip of the spoon. The canning is done, the jars are full. The music to my ears, another kind of ' ping 'that a sealed jar makes, has been counted until the last jar has sealed in the sweet flavor of freshly cooked maple syrup straight from the Sugar Maple Tree for our tables.
Our total was 20 pints., more than enough for the ravenous appetites that grace our table time and again, until the jars are empty. Next spring will once again, bring an end to winter dulldrum, for there will be more maple syrup to make to fill another years sweet teeth. More memories will be made for the GrandLoves who missed this years run.

Until then, there are pans, pails, taps, strainers, ladles, collection buckets to clean and store for next year. The 4-wheeler needs the mud sprayed away, to make ready for another spring job., cleaning up the yard. There is much to be done. There is so little time. Soon the grass will be green, and there will be gardens ready for a winters worth of vegetables, to plant and tend. I can taste the Sugar Snap Peas already.
Oh, I cannot wait, though I have no choice. I can only do my share.

About my previous post, Thanks for stopping and lending your ears and prayers...I may share someday, what weighs so heavy, but until then, I am so fortunate to have you all to lean on. Silly, but true, how close we all have become. Thanks for just being you., each and every one of you. You help more than you will ever know.



Ruta said...

That looks fabulous...I can almost taste that syrup!
Over here we have chives coming up and rhubabrb too. The first crocus' came up this weekend and my heart is singing because spring is finally here!

Paula said...

I can see how that ray of light must give you hope for spring. Gosh its so different here. We'll be having our tongues hanging out soon from the heat and we are already begging for rain.

texwisgirl said...

I'm glad you got your ray of sunshine and hope. I truly hope all will be well - and your heart will have "pings" to spare... :)

jack69 said...

Ahhhh to a lovely lady who knows how to welcome spring. You have answered a question that I intended to ask, when do you know it is time to UNTAP a tree. So when the buds start.
This was a lovely entry and the jars of syrup look like a fit proze for all the work.

Love from Srping in the South,
Sherry & Jack

Farmchick said...

That syrup looks so gorgeous all in all of those jars! A lot of work I know.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hope you are feeling a little better today, Dar. My prayers are with you.

Glad you are getting some SUNSHINE also... I'm sure it feels great.

You will have enough maple syrup until next year... That is SO neat.... I can almost taste it... Yum...

The White Farmhouse said...

Aw, I hope things get better real soon for you!

How fun to be able to make your own syrup! Ever since you started talking about this, my husband has done nothing but whine about real syrup! I may just send him to you for a few weeks if he doesn't knock it off. Better yet, I will come and leave him here with the kids!

Darla said...

Love the sunshine rays!! The syrup looks fantastic...it is so nice to have this wonderful group of bloggers isn't it? I know you all mean a great deal to me too.

Anonymous said...

I read your previous post. I hope whatever lays heavy on your heart lightens its load.

What a ray of sunshine does to brighten the spirit!