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Friday, April 1, 2011

Ewweee, What's that Smell?

EWWEEE~~~The things some folks do to survive....or the few cents derived in this trappers day, I ask, Was it worth it?

My Dad used to recite a few poems he recalled from his youth, whenever someone was within hearing distance and wanted to hear them again. Cover your ears Mama!

This one goes untitled to his recollection, and goes something like this:

" I hunt the bear
I hunt the moose
I hunt the rat,
The other day I take my axe for hunt thee skunk polecat.

My friend Bill, say he's very fine fur and sometimes good to eat,
I think I get my wife fur coat and same time get some meat.

I take my ax upon my back and I walk some six, eight miles,
And pertty soon, and by and by,
I smell ONE ' AWEFUL ' smell!
I think the gotdamn skunk, he die, and fur coat gone to hell!!

Then pertty soon, by and by, up by the great big tree,
I see that little pussycat,
I thin he no see me!

I sneak up very close behind, I raise my ax up HIGH,
When-----Paatch, That little pussycat, throw something in my eye!

OH SACRA BLUE, I think I'm blind,
Yeeez Krise, I no can see,!,\
Now what you think that pussycat, he peest all over me!

I run round, all round and round, I throw away my ax,
That pussycat, and then 'bout Million pussycat, he climb upon my back.

When I get home my wife she say, she sick on me the dog,
She say I no can sleep in shack, I have to sleep with hog!

No more, I hunt thee skunk polecat, for his fine fur and meat
For if he peest , he smell so bad,
Yeeez krise
What if he should sheeet!??? "

I know this may be a repeat of days gone by but, when I came upon this picture of my crazy brother, it reminded me of Dad's idea of poetry. I can see him sitting on the fence rail laughing it up with some of his followers who wanted to learn whatever they could from Grandpa, Dad, or Uncle Ted or just a good friend., even if it was ' poetry.'

Beware out there! Ya sure do not want to hit one of those polecats! Or, be feeding one unaware! One once was helping himself to the barn cat's food right on the front step. Not a pretty scent.

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texwisgirl said...

my dogs have had a few run-ins, then brought the perfume indoors. even after rubbing their faces in the dirt and swimming in the pond, it just has to wear off. i've never tried the tomato juice remedy as i'd have to catch 'em first!

Lucy said...

Dar, you have made a crabby old lady laugh. Thank you.

Darla said...

Oh dear!

Remington said...

We like our skunks. We have several that come around. Of course if they get surprised then they give you a big surprise. Mike has done a lot of research on these guys....he really likes them....

Sara Strong said...

Thank you Dar for the trip down memory lane, I can still hear Grandpa reciting this one even after all these years. I just read it aloud to Don and he got quite the chuckle as I did my best Grandpa voice to say it the same way he would have. I sure wish he could have met Gramps and had the honor of knowing him while he was still here with us. There's not a day that goes by that I dont miss him! Thank you again for the great memories!

Debbie said...

I have never smelt one and really don't want to :0)

The Wife of a Dairyman said...

ut oh!

Sherry said...

Funny you should bring this up. Usually we pass by where at least one skunk has been scared going home from the hospital. The other night it must have been four. So mush so that I thought maybe on had climbed in on the engine and was still there.

Enjoyed the post and especially the poem, I bet GRandpa was quite the man and pioneer.

Love from down over here where we had nearly spring today.

Sherry & Jack

Fred Alton said...

OMG! Dar - That's the biggest laugh I've had in a year!!! I almost passed out from laughter before I could read the poem all the way through. What a stinker you are. ☻ ☻ ☻

Oh - BTW, I did get your information about the syruping. I'd love to see that operation but it's unlikely that I'll travel that far any time soon. Thanks for the very good info! Loved reading about it and seeing the pictures of the beginning of syrup season.

~mel said...

Oh the looks Mom would give Dad when he'd recite that one!! Dad sure was a hoot ... and he sure could come up with some doozies! At least you had the sense to write some of them down ~ and get some of them on video. I sure do miss the ol' bugger... and listening to him tell stories, and read poetry or a greeting card the only way HE could do it and the songs he would sing! We were truly blessed to have the parents God gave us. What a gift! Thanks for sharing Dad's polecat recital... it sure did trigger a fond funny memory of him ... and that's a pretty funny pic of Doug you have there too.lol

Farmchick said...

We have quite a group of "polecats" on our farm. There are times when you can just smell their scent in the air after walking out the backdoor. Yuck!

Arkansas Patti said...

That was a funny poem. I once rescued a deflowered skunk and trust me, they still carry a scent with glands removed.

The White Farmhouse said...

Cute poem! He sounds like quite the character! The best way to get rid of the smell is with a feminine douche. Works every time! Just soak whatever in the douche and let dry. Wash off and no smell! Makes you wonder what they put in those things!

Dragonfly Treasure said...


Anonymous said...

I do believe your "Dad" was my kinda feller...full of fun and laughter...and when I have stopped laughing and rolling on the floor...I think I will print out that poem for future references LOLOL...God Bless....Ora in KY

Gretel said...

Dar, I've just *found* you and I'm so very glad I did, the ending to that poetry is sheer genius and I am loving reading your blog! I hope your ice and snow is still melting, we are blessed with spring here and I am sending some your way.

Cher' Shots said...

What a memory sparked while reading this post. Dad sure had a way with poetry, songs and as Mel said, reading a 'greeting card'! We are a lucky bunch to be born from the love of those two people ~ Mom & Dad! Sometimes the missing people gets pretty intense but then I know I will see them again.
'love & hugs from afar Sis'

Anonymous said...

The photo and the poem had me LOL! My parent's used to have a family of skunks who lived under their bedroom! And over the years Don and I have them pass by our house at all hours of the night...being waked up gagging isn't pleasant!