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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

OT/PT Flats, Hothouse

I have been in occupational and physical therapy for over a month already for a couple of unrelated things, both pertaining to nerve damage. For the lower extremities, they suggested that perhaps I should consider different shoes. I have flat feet, besides all the other stuff going on so I bought myself a new pair of ' flats.' You would think that an ol' experienced gal such as myself, would, full well know, that flats on flat feet are not going to do a thing except create a new problem. One good thing I can say about these shoes is, "Aren't they cute?" Just not on these, desperate for arch support, feet of mine. I think, instead, I will just polish my toenails and call it good.

All kidding aside, about the therapy, even the therapist are not feeling too successfully therapeutic involving my issues. I have lived this long with it, what the heck's the difference if I just ' carry on.' So what if I'm starting to lift, limp and drag........

The temperature is finally rising up North in WI. It got a bit warmer than the thermometer reads by another 2 degrees, and that was on 3 meters. I am Not complaining. The wind was even warm enough to start to melt some of that (whispering) white stuff on the ground. I can almost see Spring coming. My trees were just a singin' with chickadees and finches as I walked to the mailbox. It was pure heaven.Big Bill comes out of the bathroom complaining it was so hot in there. Not my problem, I'm thinking. He said he opened the laundry door and said it must have blown 95 degrees on him........and lint. So, what's the problem? He says the lint hose must have blown...hmm, sounds logical.

I spent the day cleaning out the laundry room today. That, I must add, was on the bottom of the spring cleaning list, the way bottom.
The lint hose that connects to the wall and exits the lint outside, blew off and was blowing lint and hot dryer air throughout the laundry room. The laundry is through the bi-fold doors off the bathroom. I was just praying that a bat wouldn't come flying out of that vent, knowing how terrified dear Bill is, of our feathered and flying friends. Another story, but a good one.
Once the ' crew boss ' had the situation under control, every thing was cleaned up, vents vacuumed out, floor quickly mopped, and the walls swept down, before putting the dryer back in place.

Lo, and behold, slap ol Rosie, what is that man doing? I wiped my eyes to be sure I was seeing this revelation correctly, or were my eyes, indeed, deceiving me, once again. No, it's true! He really is measuring the walls.
Bill's always said, when things needed to be done for the house, "Don't rush me." It's become comical, how long I have to wait for this or that to finally be done. I have been known to take things into my own hands. Like when we needed a larger bathroom and I desperately needed the laundry on the main floor of the house.

One fall while he was on a caribou hunt, I just happened to put a sledge hammer through the living room wall, into a bedroom wall, and thus, making room for an upstairs laundry and larger bathroom. Needless to say, when he returned, empty handed, I gladly filled them with the tools to finish what 'he' started. That was in '88'...don't rush me, he says.
So, you see, I couldn't believe my eyes when I see him measuring for the laundry shelves I have been asking for ever since. I best hold my breathe, for, they are not yet built, or hung.
Note: I would have done this myself those many years ago, but the walls are difficult, homestead walls, and I want the shelves to stay on the walls. Some things I just don't want or have to learn. After all, then I would deprive myself of those infamous words, "Don't Rush Me!"

Thanks for coming, and do come again. I love your visits.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

HI Dar, That 'waiting forever' to do things seems to be a MAN-thing.... My hubby works hard --but on the things he wants to work on... IF I nicely mention something, I have to hear him go through the eternal sighing.... ha ha

I had always worn cheap shoes --all of my life. Several years ago when I began to have trouble with my feet, I bit the bullet and bought some SAS shoes. VERY expensive--but they are so comfy and last forever... You might want to try some of them sometime. But--save your pennies (or dollars) for them.. They are over $100. But--I won't wear anything else these days.


Paula said...

Don't ya just love it when a job comes along that you can do yourself without asking a MAN to do it. I have trouble with my feet and legs too. Sometime I can wear Earth shoes. Never wear a dress because I have no good support shoes that look okay with a dress.

Anonymous said...

@Betsy - My mom had trouble with her feet for as long as I can remember. Mom wore only SAS shoes, too.

Dar - I wish we had a laundry room on our living floor. I live in a ranch-style house. The laundry room is in the basement. I have a bad knee. Some days I find it difficult to go up and down those stairs.

texwisgirl said...

Aye yi yi... I'm thinking now that you've put his mission in print, your dear hubby needs to follow thru with the shelving. :)

Loved your "sledge hammer" plan...

Darla said...

I like those shoes...is there something about our name, were you athletic when you were younger? Okay, here goes...I have tendonitis in both elbows, the left one I had surgery on last June, it's just now working good. I need surgery on the right one. I also have tendonitis in my left shoulder, rotator cuff and pinched nerves on either side of my neck that have been acting up like crazy this past week. Going to PT for the RC and waiting on an appt. for the surgeon about my neck. I saw one surgeon a couple of years ago about my neck and I just didn't have peace about him cutting into my neck. We can walk/limp through this together!

Dar said...

I need to clarify~~~~my hubster, Bill, is a dear. He works nonstop, it seems, a ' workaholic,' actually, but 'on the things He thinks is more important.' He would rather be in the garage creating something 'manly,' like a better trailer, hitch assembly, or more functional hunting 'anything', before fixing and repairing in the house.
I've only seen the B/P boil a few times in all our 31 years together. He holds it in like I do. LOL Maybe that's why we both are on B/P meds. Ha!
Blogging is my gripe zone.
As for those shelves, my guess is, he knows I have been wanting to take a mini weekend get-away for months now, and I, silly me, have just given him an excuse to say, "Do you want those shelves or not?"
He's a 'guy,' so what do you think will happen this weekend? Personally, there is no reason we can't have both.
To be continued....

Arkansas Patti said...

I had foot problems galore till I had orthodics specially made by a podiatrist for my "flat feet" and all pains are now gone. I wear them every day. A thought to consider.
Hope while hubby is a late bloomer, he is at least a finisher.
Enjoy your shelves.

imac said...

Oh Sigh,lol.
Real good tale my friend.
Thinking of you and so glad you look on the bright side, keep smiling.

Paula said...

That was cute, "Don't rush me!" *hehe*
I hate cleaning out that dryer hose... ugh.
Hope you get your shelves soon, dear!

Suz said...

Oh Im sorry that you have pain
hope the shoes help a bit
no help a lot
Your hubby sound funny
as do you
but a sledgehammer

Dragonfly Treasure said...

My Daughter had flat feet and problems too. Hoping you find some relief from the PT, Well, that's one way to get that laundry room cleaned! LOL

Buttons said...

"Don't rush me". ha I knew I heard that somewhere. Thanks Dar. B

Remington said...

Hope your feet feel better soon. Temp here today is GREAT! 25 ABOVE zero! We are thrilled! But a big storm on the way next week....I still believe spring will come "sometime" this year....maybe July?

CollectIn Texas Gal said...

I'm getting a kick out of your uhmmm putting a sledge hammer through the wall! Oh if Walls Could Talk! I guess 'Don't Rush Me' could be followed with 'Better Late Than Never', huh! How neat that you found your Grandmothers Apron in the mending! I'm fixin' to make some new aprons....but Don't Rush Me! So glad you stopped by CITexas Gal, and fun to find out that so many of our memories and stories are kin.

le Chef said...

Sometimes taking matters into your own hands is the only way to remind them that certain things need getting done.
I think it's time I find me a hammer. ;)
Sorry about the feet, sounds strangely similar to my mom's. No idea what's going with her's either, aside from doctors and therapy.