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Monday, March 7, 2011

I'll Double That Bet!, Less is More, Banana Bread

Some times, winter is such a bore. Sometimes, even the youngsters get to make bets with their Dad~~~Our GrandLove Sy, had a huge plate of Ziti Noodles, with hamburger,vegetable sauce, half a plate of salad, in front of him. After eating half the salad and all his noodles, he wanted more noodles and sauce. He dished up a mound, his eyes bigger than his stomach, and his Dad and Grandpa start making bets with him that he cannot eat it all. He said " Oh yes I can Dad and Grandpa, You're going down." To top it off, he Bet that if he cleaned his plate, that He AND Ben could have ice cream on their pancakes for breakfast.
I still cannot believe he did it., and he even leaned back, stretched and asked for more. I think he's going through a growth spurt.
To make his ice creamed pancake double good, he got the double-yolker that our neighbor brought over for him, knowing how much he loves eggs. I don't think he went away from his visit hungry.

For the good news, our snowmen are getting smaller, butthe snow is still over 2 ft. deep in places plus snowing again today promising another snowstorm by Wed. Oh, Dear~~~~
So, how do you make Your Banana Bread? The boys are crushing cereal that goes in the recipe.....isn't baking fun?
I'll share the recipe I have used for years for our Banana Bread. I don't always have the Grape Nuts Cereal, so I will substitute with what ever falls out of the pantry. This time, it was Cinnamon Toast Crunch. No matter, what, it always turns out great. Have some.
Since we had Banana Bread for breakfast, I think it's time to frost that Double Chocolate Cake for dinner tonight.

That's it for this morning. My goal today is to 'take it easy.' So far, I'm right on schedule.

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texwisgirl said...

Love your Vegas show girl snowperson! :) And I'm impressed with ice cream on pancakes. Way to go!

Louise said...

Well, heck. If you have a bet going, you have good reason to finish all of that food. Besides, it sounds good! I never thought of ice cream on pancakes. Might just have to try that some time.

Paula said...

Your snowman or is it a snowwoman is hummm a little different but cute. I've never had ice cream on pancakes but it sounds logical to me. Maybe chocolate?

jack69 said...

Ah HA! my man Sy, took 'em on and won. Good on HIM. He looks good and I love that smile.

This was a nice brewak from your sisters talking about turkey necks and chicken legs and .......! UNTIL YOU HAD TO TELL sHERRY YOU WERE MAKING A DOUBLE WHOPPING SOME KIND OF CHOCOLATE CAKE. now yoyu are ont the s&&&& list.

But I still love you. Hope your snow dissappears soon.

That pancake looks delicious!!!!

Cicero Sings said...

Amazing how much food kids can pack back. We had a LITTLE boy in the missionary children's school in the Ivory Coast that could back HUGE quantities of rice and sauce. He was a marvel.

Love the snow person. Very creative head dress ... and eyes.

Fred Alton said...

What wonderful grandparents you folks are! I know your grands have a grand time visiting you. You let them "help" with the cooking and you seem to relish their presence in the kitchen. I think that's great. Not everyone can handle young ones attempting culinary skills and the resultant clean-up that follows.

BTW - I've never heard of ice-cream on pancakes but I'm sure it's good. All of my life we ate ours with peanut butter!

Paula said...

Yummmm... banana bread! I can just about smell it baking in the oven... I'll bet your kitchen smelled heavenly.
Sy is a cutie- I love his little grin. It won't be long until he's eating all that and more!

Farmchick said...

My son is turning 14 and some days nothing can fill him up! Love that snowman.

Arkansas Patti said...

Is being 71 too old for a growth spurt? Wouldn't that be wonderful to eat mammoth amounts and to remain nice and trim.

Lucy said...

Dar, I just love to visit your blog. You make it so interesting and the kids are really into their job. Thank you for visiting my blog and offering much needed encouragement. We do appreciate every ones comments and Dar, with si=on in law having colon cancer which they think it will not come back, then Neils fall and such a horrific injury and then Joe all kind if bunched up, makes for a little spell of nerves. Thanks again.