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Thursday, February 10, 2011

That's Cold, Patching

The temperature you are reading IS correct! It actually got down to minus -38.9 this morning before the temps started to climb. Right now it is still -30. Let's top that off with, dark, very dark out yet at 6 a.m., in the shower just about to wet my head, when the power goes out. Apparently a line snapped in the cold, just up the road. Power was out for over 2 hours in this bitter cold. Immediately, I closed off the wood fire by closing the dampers, leaving just the warmth from a few coals to hopefully keep the house warm enough to keep the water lines from freezing. My hope was that the generator would not have to be fetched from the cabin in this nasty-a** weather.

I had an 8 a.m. fasting blood draw this morning and guess what. I couldn't get the automatic garage door open to get the truck out...no electricity. I hadn't even thought of that one. Also, since I have been doctoring with some serious nerve damage, I didn't have the strength to lift the 12 ft. door. I called to reschedule, just got off the phone, and the power came back on. Quickly, I call in hopes of still keeping the same time for my blood draw, phew, they let me in.The snow and cold keeps me inside for the most part, so I walk, exercise and catch up on tons of spring cleaning through it all. I heard that spring will come as soon as this weekend, with promises of more snow and above zero temperatures as high as 30 degrees. Oh, how good that is going to feel. We have outdoor plans for the weekend. YEAH!
In the meantime, there has been plenty of patching to catch up on. We have to keep the wool pants operationable, as there is a lot of firewood to cut for drying for next year. These belong to my brother who is cutting blowdown trees from last summers tornado. His whole 40 up north HAD a beautiful stand of hard maple and poplar on it which is now lying criss-cross all over the place. Clean-up is a must so the saplings have a chance to regenerate.
Any of you who have gotten to know us here at Dars Stuffings, know that my hubby Bill, suffered a nasty steam burn on his arm last spring when a hose blew, at the mill. Well, it happened again, and on the same arm, in the same place. It's not quite as bad, and NO, he would not go to the hospital or even see a doctor. I will tend it as well as I can, but I'm still trying to convince him to at least have it looked at, or insurance may not cover it if he gets infection. MEN!
Besides Bill, there is still more patching. Have you ever seen one of these? It is a patch that medication is administered to, a battery pac is turned on, and the patch delivers little impulses of stimulation to relax overactive nerve endings. I have this nasty stuff going on in my neck with bone on bone, pinched nerves, and God only knows, what else. The neurologist is trying to relax everything enough to get pictures. I can't say it did much....but
the squiggly tapes worked...they are designed to massage nerves with each movement. They do work. They were on each side of my face, releasing my intense headache, but the second they removed them, my headache returned immediately. Imagine what they will come up with next. But, for now, I will take any kind of relief. ALL because of a pinched nerve somewhere. I hate this pity party crapola.
PT is working on my dead legs and feet, and OT gets my neck and arm. My oh my, how this bod is going south. I sure wish I meant that, as in, going south to my sisters. I hate all of this ............ Calgon, Take me Away.

Thanks for listening....As I reread this, it sounds pretty much hateful of our luck...well that's right. We are Sooooooo ready for some health and wealth so we can get the heck on down the road.



texwisgirl said...

Sorry for all the aches, pains and injuries! I can't imagine that coldness - been there; done that; don't want to do it again!

I was going to compliment you on getting the shot of the pileated woodpecker! Until I blew it up and realized it was an ornamental variety! :) Sneaky...

Stay warm. I hope spring will come sooner than later to warm you back up! God bless your stubborn hubby - eek!

Cher' Shots said...

Brrr... But Dar - Punxsutawney Phil just promised us an early spring! Keep on smiling - you'll make it through all this. As for Bill's arm, I agree he should see a doc for insurance reasons being that he is a diabetic and doesn't heal as fast because of it. Now put on some tea and read a magazine.
'love & hugs from afar'

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Dar, Sorry to hear about all of your nerve damage --and pain. That is horrible. Are you diabetic? I know that Type II Diabetes can cause nerve damage..

I have a Carpal Tunnel thing going on in my left hand--and it wakes me up at nights. I bought a wrist restraint which helps some. Oh --isn't is just HELL to get old???? I hate it...

Cannot imagine having temps as cold as you have. We were down to about 16 when we got up --and that is cold to us...

Sorry Mel won't come this way on her trip. Hope she makes it safely to wherever she is going.. We are going to have great weather beginning this weekend...Yeah!!!!


Dianna said...

I'm really sorry that you are going through such a rough time right now, Dar. I hope that the neurologist will soon be able to get you straightened up enough to do the pictures so they can find where the pinched nerve is and treat it.

When I first started reading, I would have diagnosed you with fibro. Overactive nerves and poor muscle tone are classic symptoms.

I will certainly be praying for you...thanks for letting us know about all you are dealing with.


Anonymous said...

And I thought I had it bad, I don't think i will complain for awhile. Hope you both get better.

Whitetail Woods Blog / Deer Hunting and Blackpowder Shooting at it’s best.

Darla said...

If I was in that cold, my nerves would be firing crazy and not firing at all too...seriously, I do hope you get some relief and MEN is right!

Anonymous said...

Oh Dar...I hope and pray that pheverything gets better for you and your husband.

A Primitive Homestead said...

Sorry to hear your in so much pain. Pray your doing better soon. I do think it would help to have warm weather. I use a battery pack I hook up to wires attached to patches I stick to the most painful areas. It dose help. I just wish there were no time limit on it. I hate to turn it off. Maybe you could go for a short visit south to your sisters. If you can get out of the snow. Blessings!

Kay said...

Oh my goodness, that is cold. Looks like you have a thermometer similar to the one I have on our patio.

Try to stay as warm as possible.


imac said...

Try and keep smiling my friend, we are having a bit of bad luck at the moment, but we hope the sun will shine again and someone else will get the trouble, it seems it goes round and round.

jack69 said...

Wow that stuff sucks bilge water. Sorry about that Pain, but isn't that tape amazing. I am amazed what THEY can do, then sometimes amazed at what they cannot do.

What was that capitol MEN for? Bill is only thinking of you. he needs the attention, and is sure you do (need to give him attention) LOL

Keep chasing, eventually you will get all the inside exercise you need.

The Possum saw his shadow, do Spring will be any time now.

Love you girl and WE will remember you. I know HE knows your name.

Anonymous said...

I just told my husband we shouldn't complain about our temperatures. Your temperatures are so much more cold! I'm sorry that you have painful health issues. I hope, too, that your husband's burn heals and does not become infected.

Paula said...

Don't know how you all stand that cold. I'm freezing to death here in south Texas and there is no ice or snow. Still got Alaska company and they feel cold too. That burn looks painful. Hope you and hubby feel better soon.

Fred Alton said...

Dar, I think aches and pains go along with cold weather. About ten days ago I finally had to go tot he doc for a headache, thinking that maybe it was the old malaria acting up again. He says no. Gave me a couple shots and a pad on the back of the neck that vibrated for about 15 minutes. Sent me home with pain pills and what he called "anti-inflammatory" tablets. It seems to have worked. And according to Frances, even my attitude has improved! Hope you feel better real soon. ☺

Kellie said...

Hope you get to feeling better soon Dar! It's tough to feel so bad!

Arkansas Patti said...

Thanks for stopping by TNS and I hope my negative 2 temps warmed you up some.
Do hope hubby sees a doctor about that. What is with men and doctors? Maybe you need to find a pretty young lady doctor for him as incentive.
Do hope you are feeling much better soon.