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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hierarchy/Survival of the Fittest

The Eye of the Eagle tells all. (The squeamish may not want to look any further, as some of the pictures show the survival of the fittest.)
Those who follow here, know that I love to catch the magic of our wildlife and birds, in action. After processing a deer from deer hunting season in the late fall, I had asked the boys to put the carcass where I could watch the eagles and birds, from the kitchen window. I have seen the eagles several times, as well as 20-30 crows at a time, tons of song birds, that the trail camera did not pick up, squirrels, weasel, and during a blizzard, the coyote. The camera was covered with snow a few days so I did not get a daytime shot of him, but did get one at night. Hope you enjoy.
Snack time.
I love the patience of the crow, waiting his turn, respecting hierarchy.
Love how the crow folds his wings during his descent. Click on the picture for a better view. Sorry, but it's a bit dark just before sunset on a gloomy day.
There's Mr. Coyote, looking quite healthy in his winter fur coat. I don't mind having him around, it means the wolves are not. At least, today.
I have a thing about the wings of the birds, and how they lay them during different circumstances. This fella is ,\' dropping ' in for lunch.
I'm not sure ' what ' this crow is up to, but my guess would be that he is trying his best to find ' his ' seat at the table. What do you think?
That's it for tonight...as I aim to please a new palate tomorrow. Who knows, maybe a recipe, more snow, Heavens Forbid, a constructive project? Naaah! Actually, the next couple of days will be busy enough that you may not see me here. Another storm is brewing outside, and I always have to see if I can drive in it. That means, after appointments, I plan to drop in on Mel from UpNorthWithMel, and see her new oil paintings in person, visit Mom and smile at her chickens. Maybe, just maybe, I will remember to take the camera with me this time.

That's all Folks. Thanks ever so much for stopping and~~~~


Paula said...

Never thought about the wings of birds the way you mentioned. That is interesting. I will watch more closely from now on.

texwisgirl said...

That one crow with wings outspread is trying to look like a vulture and saying "make room!" The eagles are beautiful. Great nature shots...

John said...

The picture of the coyote really captures me. It looks so wild and primal, and therefore so alive. Can't wait to see more!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Dar, I loved Mel's post tonight... Made me laugh and laugh!!!!!

Great pictures of the eagle... We ALL have to eat --and in winter, the critters including the birds do whatever they can to find food.... Guess we'd be doing the same thing if we were hungry...

Have a wonderful week, my friend.

Jean said...

Great pictures Dar,you have a beautiful view with all the snow and wild animals. Take care.

Dianna said...

Absolutely beautiful pictures, Dar. I especially enjoyed the eagle pictures. Aren't they just the most marvelous creatures? We don't see them so much around here, but we used to see them rather frequently in the area we lived previously.

Thanks so much for sharing with us. Have safe travels and give Mel and your mom a hug from me! :-)

The White Farmhouse said...

You have an eagle?! I want an eagle! I'll trade you for a peregrine falcon? How beautiful is he? I just love their faces, they demand respect. You know I was just sitting here in the LP thinking I should start some seeds and start planning some lawn repair. Wake up to 6" of snow this morning! Blah!

Louise said...

That's an amazing series of shots. It's amazing what you can learn, just looking out of your windows, isn't it?

Darla said...

Outstanding series of photos here!!!

Cher' Shots said...

You really got some cool shots!
'love & hugs from afar'

Dragonfly Treasure said...

I love to watch wildlife too! Thanks so much for sharing!! We saw so many Eagels in Alaska when we lived there. SUre miss seeing them.
I have a post I need to write about the noise I heard outside the other day. OMG! The chirping/yelling was almost deafening. A Hawk was in my next door neighbors willow tree and, gesh, 30 or so crows were mobbing him. With this being nesting season I'm sure they didn't want him anywhere around. The HAwk sat until he finally made a break for it!
Have a great week

Pat'sAdditon said...

Wow...love the eagle! We have a resident hawk, not nearly so spectacular! We got your snow last night.