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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Things We Do

There is something special about a gingerbread house. These two were made several years ago and were used as part of our decor for 3 Christmas seasons.
The candy house on top is made with candies, pretzels of different shapes and sizes, a gingerbread base and lots of frosting to hold it all together, and of course, for the snow.

The log cabin is made of the same gingerbread for it's base, covered with the brown jelly belly jelly beans for the stones and chimney, the roof is red licorice. All of it is again, tied together with tons of icing. These get heavy, so make sure you dry them thoroughly before moving them.

Hope you have enjoyed these, Now, go out and make you one.


Fred Alton said...

"Now, go out and make you one." That's easy for you to say! It would be disastrous for me to try. Really, a nice piece of artwork, Dar.

Cher' Shots said...

Very nice! Remember the nativity scene we cut out free hand made of gingerbread? That must have been about a hundred years ago but I think about it every Christmas. :)
'hugs and love from afar'

~mel said...

I can't believe you held those over this long. My kids always ate my gingerbread creations.

Dar said...

Re: Fred: You can do anything you set your heart out to do Fred. All that matters is that we do our best. The rest just happens.
Re: Cher: Yes, I remember, I have a picture of them somewhere. The manger scene in it's entirety, all of gingerbread. Sweet memory.
Re: Mel: The trick Mel, is to make extra for the kids to make that they can take home and eat all they want while they build. These two lost the race last Christmas.
Thanks for coming

Dar said...

Oh, and leave an opening for lights inside, they add so much mystery for the little starry eyes.

Suz said...

My daughter made one once...what a project...it finally fell apart years ago...
i'll enjoy yours...
cause it's pretty
merry Christmas to your family
and you!

jack69 said...

You and the family are so talented. Amazing, the ginger bread houses. Absolutely beautiful. I will stick with wood, brick and mortar to build a house.

Y'all do amaze me with your talents tough. It is a pleasure to know you and see the work.

Love from down here in NC

Sunny said...

That is the SWEETEST lil' brown jelly-bean cabin I have EVER seen!!!! Merry Christmas to you and yours also!!


Paula said...

Very cute. My oldest daughter, Lynda makes one most every year and this year it is a little red barn.

Naturegirl said...

Dar once we arrrive in Az I am hoping that the grandchildren and I cn make up one of these adorable houses! Merry Merry!

trash talk said...

I bought one years ago at Sears and used it for a gazillion years! The thing just finally crashed out of desperation. It was tired.
Love yours!

Dee said...

Love them houses. Very festive. :)

I wish you and your family the Merriest Christmas and Happiest New Year Ever!
I thank the good Lord each day for you. Thank you for the smiles and friendship over the years.
Huge Holidays hugs to you.
Much Love,
Dee (countrysass)
p.s. I miss you. :(

lil sis said...

You are so dang crafty!
They look delicious...makes
me hungry looking at them. lol.

I'll never forget the barnyard
cake you made me years (and I
do mean years) ago. I just came
across that pic awhile back...loved

Merry Christmas....I'm sure we'll
be talking before then.

Rebecca said...

Those are some elaborate houses! How do you ever keep the critters from find them between the years? My son and husband take ours outdoors after the holidays and shoot them with a bb gun. Son loves this little tradition as you can imagine.

Skeeter said...

I have never made one but have always wanted to. I enjoy Gingerbread house shows. People are so crative and maybe that is why I never went for it. I could never do what they do with goodies....

Merry Christmas...

Lucy said...

Just beautiful to look at. I loved snow when I was little but at 81 bones are more fragile so I try not to be out when it snows unless one of my strong grandsons are there.