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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sunday Ride, Warnings

It's been a week now, since I have been to the cabin, so what better thing to do than, take a Sunday ride. It isn't far, or difficult, and so worth it. The deck was just shoveled before Christmas and lookie-here. Snow like marshmallows on our seats.
Snow curls on the fence and cottonballs on the posts.
Deer sign everywhere from every direction. It's time to start the wood stove and sit-a-spell to watch as they pass through with the partridge and rabbits. I saw their tracks, too.
The bridge should be at the bottom of the curved cedar rail, but it had to be pulled away from the waters edge to prevent injury to anyone trying to cross it. It is in great need of being repaired, NO, replaced. The deer and bear cross this bridge as well as people, and ankles could be broken in the loose and misplaced cross poles. The next one will be of cedar docking sections with seating off the sides. Much safer and still we will be able to cross with our 4-wheelers.
There are steps the length of the deck, can you see them? and a bench and an adorandack chair.
Can you see them now? I suppose I should shovel, Naaa, looks all pretty that way.
Under all the snow is always a supply of warmth, not to worry about it getting low,
There is always more.
While you are out and about on your winter wonderland walks, be careful out there. Don't slip. And most certainly, beware of the open water that have not frozen under the blankets of snow. Hypothermia is Not fun. Neither are dangerous ice and snow slides off the roof that can injure you in an instant as the sun warms the roof. The snow gets wet, heavy and deadly, do be careful out there.
As for snowball fights and snow angels, all warnings are off. Have some fun this winter, whether in the snow, rains or sunshine.



Betsy from Tennessee said...

OH Dar, That is gorgeous.... I'd love to have a cabin like that ---and you know how much I love snow. We did have a White Christmas ---and it is still snowing here... The only bad thing is that two of my sons couldn't get here.... Darn!!!!

Beautiful pictures of your cabin... I have never seen that much snow in one place.


jack69 said...

Hey for some reason the cabin looks different!! Thanks for the Sunday ride and the intro to the cabin in the winter. You guys did such a wonderful job on it, we still laugh in 'awe' that you skinned all the logs for the cabin.

Folks she still has her draw-knife that she wore to a frazzle doin it!

Again, thanks so much for the winter tour, But it hurts to see about 8" of fresh snow on a post when I have been braggin' about our 2" and it is about gone. haha!

Love you lady!
we think of you and Bill: Mel and Slim (and mama) a lot.'From NORTH Carolina, Sherry & Jack'

Paula said...

Nah I wouldn't shovel it, it looks too pretty.

Pat'sAdditon said...

The snow passed us by, and the twins got new sleds for their birthday. they were :( and :(. Next storm.

Fred Alton said...

LOL Dar, Paula said she wouldn't shovel because it looks too PRETTY? The reason I wouldn't is because it looks too HEAVY!!! ☻☻☻ Really though, What a gorgeous sight those marshmallows on the posts and the blankets on the adirondack chair are to behold. Wanna trade cabins with me? How much extra would I have to give ya?☺

Darla said...

So this is what real snow looks like? lol Just beautiful!

imac said...

Locked away in a snow filled place, with a fire roaring away.
Neat idea

Suz said...

truly a winter wonderland

madcobug said...

Your pictures are beautiful. Love that cabin. That dry woodpile looks great. Helen