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Friday, December 3, 2010

Slush~Saultz~Simplify Christmas

As I'm preparing the house and the outside for our early Christmas, I remembered I wanted to ' simplify ' this year. Better plans were never made. It seems that as soon as I pull open the boxes of lights, ornaments, garlands and wreaths, I go a bit crazy over Christmas decorating. Someone, please hold me back!

If I continue to repeat, simplify, simplify, simplify, maybe, just maybe, I will actually do it this season. Only time will tell.

So far, the outdoor lights are layed out on the table and all have been tested. They work, but now, just how many will make it to the railings, the doorways, decks and the yard? Only time will tell.

The Slush has been made, and tested. It works just fine. Now, to see if it will freeze to the 'slush' stage while on the decks deep freezer-so much easier to stir rather than running up and down the basement steps to the freezer~~just open the door, stir, test. A new kind was developed out of a mistake. Some of the best recipes happen due to human error. I am human, I errored, and wha-la, an Oh-so-good Apple Passion Mango Slush for our grazing afternoon of goodies, gifts, drink and games. Seconds, anyone? Whether our guests will enjoy trial by error, only time will tell.

The Saultz has been made, and tested. Saultz is a jelled, vinegar and pork appetizer served on a saltine. It is not the best batch I have ever made, but time will tell, as to whether or not it gets approval. This is one Christmas food tradition that is devoured by our boys every year so I doubt very much, that it will change just because it isn't perfect.

Baking starts first thing in the morning. Oh, there is so much to do to ' simplify.'

Besides decorating and baking, there will be firewood to throw in this weekend, and trail cameras to check. A couple of the boys are still trying to get their bucks with the black powder season and bow open. I have been wanting to sit at the cabin a couple of nights to watch the deer come in for a treat while I hunt with my camera. The one picture I have been trying to get, is of the deer, rabbits, partridge and bluejays all eating together. I have it on video but would love a snapshot. Time will tell.

It's time to stir the Slush buckets. Oh, for those of you who have not had Slush, it is made with green tea, sugar, lemonade, orange juice, water, and brandy. If you eliminate the brandy, it becomes one big ice cube. The alcohol is what keeps it ' slushy'. It's a once a year thing now, but I do remember having a bucket tied to my lawn chair in the middle of Moose Lake next to my sister Mel, from UpNorthWithMel, enjoying the sunshine and minnows swimming around our ankles, or were those leeches? Enough Slush and we really didn't seem to care. Those days are long gone. We no longer lush slush., do we Mel.

While I bake, Bill will hook up the power to the 5 ft. blue star that hangs on the east side of the barn. Whether the lights all survived the summer winds, time will tell. Bill may have to get the tractor and bucket out, put a ladder in it and change lights yet.
We will love taking all eleven of our GrandLoves and their parents outside to see the Christmas Star on the Barn once it's dark out. We will turn on the outdoor lights at the same time, then they all go on timers.

Yes, by golly, I'm getting into the Christmas Spirit. I was feeling queezy today, and hope to avoid a cold or flu at any cost. Whether I get my wish or not, only time will tell.

Thanks for listening to me think out loud.
What are YOU doing this weekend.



chubskulit said...

It must be very bright and beautiful when your whole yard is lit..

Fred Alton said...

Well, look at this! I'm the first responder on your blog. You guys and gals sound like a wonderful family with so many great traditions! Very similar to ours - only different. We make a lime slush without the alcohol by using crushed ice bought at the store and prevent it from freezing by having it inside the warm house. I'm sure your's has a bigger kick to it! ☻ I'd love to see those lights you've put up. I'm sure the grandloves will have a happy Christmas. Blessings from our house to yours.

Fred Alton said...

Ooops!! I spoke too soon, Looks like chubskulit entered while I was thinking. ☻☻☻

Paula said...

At our age we just play it by ear on the week-end and most every other day but I like to read about your activities.

Cher' Shots said...

Sure you're going to 'simplify' ~ for some reason I highly doubt it! lol
Enjoy your prep time for your early family get together. I sure hope you stay healthy! Remember to rest.
'hugs from afar'

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh how I love hearing about others' Christmas traditions... That SLUSH sounds GREAT----hic hic..... Drink alot of that and you won't have to worry about much of anything else... ha ha

I've never heard of Saultz ---but since your boys love it, I'm sure it is good...

I simplified Christmas ---but not so much the decorating.. I still enjoy decorating both the inside and outside ---but we just don't go hog-wild on the gifts anymore... LOVE that idea!!!!!

Hope you stay healthy!!!! Have a nice weekend.

jack69 said...

Darla, you are something else. YOu guys know how to have a family Christmas up there in the Cold Country. It all sounds so good. I am imagining the big star, how wonderful
I know the family will be thrilled and LOVE will be all around. Great read you have here.


~mel said...

Ahhh... the old slush bucket tied between the lawn chairs as we sat out in the lake ~ that was a fun afternoon! If memory serves, that was a rhubarb slush made with vodka. Remember those big leeches!! Maybe they were little ones and just seemed to get bigger as the day went on ~ you know how shadows in the water can play with your mind... or is that slush on the brain that makes you go lame?? Thanks for conjuring up the memory.

Dianna said...

Love hearing about different family traditions...try not to overdue, Dar. Let this be the year that you do simplify! :-)

Sweet hugs to you.

Sunny said...

Never had slush, never heard of it .... but sounds interesting. I love your Christmas traditions. I'd like to be able to do more at this time of year but just not going to happen. Also I miss my other Kids and Grands in PA, and no, wont be able to go. So I will content myself with doing what I can, and enjoy reading about others' happenings.

We did used to have a pinyata (sp?)and the grands all enjoyed that. It was so fun!

Shelley said...

I enjoyed hearing about your christmas plans! And also learning about your slush recipe - sounds wonderful! Hope you get all those photos of your wonderful furry & feathered friends!

Darcie said...

MMMmmm, yep looking forward to the slush. Once a year and it is a treat. :) Not so much the saultz. Gotta leave that for the boys. LOL Make sure the scrabble board is handy so's I can whup ya Mom. ;)

Love ya, see ya soon.

quiltmom said...

Well Dar, it sounds like Christmas is a fantastic family time for you- I wish you good luck with your simplification plans- it is hard to change all the things we love to do celebrate the season.
I am thinking about getting the decorations out today to start decorating the house but first I need to head out and pick up a few things that I need for the week.
Wishing you and yours a fabulous festive season.
Warmest regards,

Fred Alton said...

I'm back again DAr, just to say, Yes, I've had canned venison! Grandma had a canning machine that canned her food in tin cans. I think I've eaten about anything and everything that could be canned. And of course we called it "canning" when the ladies boiled it in jars, placed a mason rubber seal and lid on top while hot, then sealed it with the ring and let it cool til we heard the lid "pop". I used to wonder why we didn't call it "jarring" since things were being stored in mason jars. ☻☻☻

CollectIn Texas Gal said...

I enjoyed reading about all your NotSoSimple Sounding plans for Christmas. I've never heard of BrandySlush or Salutz...a good thing to know. Here in Texas I guess we would just skip all the other ingredients and get straight to the Brandy!

Have fun with your GrandLoves....love that name...during the Christmas Holidays and through the New Year. Thanks for your visits...I enjoy hearing from you!

GardenofDaisies said...

I think that simplifying things is a process that happens over time, not all at once. Think baby steps. I really focused on simplifying this year too, and I managed to cut down my decor by almost 1/2. Next year my goal is to cut it down a bit more, by only using about 1/3 of the decor I usually use. I am at a point in my life where I just don't want as much "stuff". I will let my kids decide if they want a few things, and then donate the remaining 2/3 of the decor.