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Sunday, November 21, 2010


Oh Dear.....what can the matter be?

I cannot believe it has been months since I have last made an entry. Not because I have not wanted to, and perhaps I am taking a risk now, but because I still have no computer. I am still sneaking a bite here and there on ' borrowed ' time, thanks to my dear son and his work laptop.

By now I may have lost all of my faithful followers of my daily dribble. Dear Me.

So much has gone on, but not much worth wasting your valuable time with.
Bill and I did go to TX for a couple of weeks in late Sept.-early Oct., where we had much needed R&R with Lil Sis, her hubby and friends we had not seen for 3 years.
Where did that time go?

We returned home early enough to get in on the repairs and renewal of Mom's house. Who ever thought I could reach so high, having painted half of her house myself, thanks to one of those extended handles on my paint pad. I was able to reach over 14 ft. from the ground., painted from a ladder a bit, and only flew off once. Not bad for an old broad. That project turned out great.

The rest of that vacation was spent doing a little partridge hunting, straightening out the cabin in hopes of spending a night or two. Once again, that did not happen.

Back to Grandma Daycare for a few more weeks, did some fall cleaning of the closets, you know, like bringing winter clothes out and tucking summer away. We cleaned out some gardens, putting the last of hoses and planters away before the snow flew.

More Daycare.

The last of the logs were trucked to the lumberyard, Bill got his check for the logs and off we go to the trailer dealership to pick up dear Bill's new toy. Good thing he has a few toy garages with all he keeps getting.

The purpose of the log sale was to profit enough to purchase his new 6x10 dump trailer. I am glad he got it, because, after all, we are getting achey and stiff in all the wrong places, our hair is turning gray, and we have lost way too much muscle tone to do all the lifting and dumping that the trailer and tractor can do for us. I do know how to drive the tractor and run it's bucket but Bill has not shown me all the tricks with the dump trailer yet....spring, I will learn in the spring.

We were on vacation again the last two weeks of Oct. but it was all work and no play.
We took everything off the walls of the cabin, one wall at a time, and resealed the logs with a polyurethane acrylic. Phew, ceiling too! Now, for me, that was a challenge as I attempted to overcome my fear of heights without hanging onto anything. The scaffolding was set up about 18 ft. to reach the last 6 ft. to the peek. I did it, but not without hesitation. Bill was right there beside me but it was still a bit much for this ol' gal.

Now, it's hunting season, the boys are all home, the cabin is full of stories, great food smells, and some not-so-great smells, as hunting quarters have. The warmth of the wood fire in the potbellied stove was drying boots, socks and jackets from the days rain. The roast pork, saurkraut and potato dumpling supper was as good as any Thanksgiving meal all smothered in gravy with a side of apple sauce.

So, you ask, Oh Dear, What can the Matter Be?........simply this........

I miss being able to share a dozen picture with you with my entry.

Hope that doesn't keep you away. I know I enjoy looking at the pictures with the story, so if I loose you because of the lack of photos, I appologize, and will do my best to ' get back with the program ' again soon.

Until then, Thanks for coming


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hey Friend, I'm still here!!!!! It's so good to hear from you... Hope Santa brings you a new computer!!!!!

I have sorta kept up with your through Mel... We are fine here in TN ---and looking forward to Thanksgiving and then Christmas.

Hope you will be able to keep blogging. WE miss you when you are not around.

Paula said...

You couldn't run me away with a stick. Been missing you with or without pictures. Good to see a post and somewhat catch up on your doings. Take care and come back as you can.

~mel said...

You forgot to mention ~ you chopped off my hair!
Welcome back to bloggerland!

Lucy said...

Welcome back for however long you can be here. I really missed your pictures but most of all the food.

Lucy said...

It is so good to see a post from you!! I can almost smeel that pork and sauerkraut and all of your meals sound like they fit for a queen or any holiday. Welcome back to my favorite place. Bloggerland.consess

Lucy said...

I had tyo quit blogging on my other place. I had a nasty annonomous that just continually filled a pafe with either stupid or nasty stuff. So now I tried to get rid of him or her by deleting it.

imac said...

Hi, my dear friend - still around, cant get rid of me that quick lol.
Have a happy Thanksgiving day too.

jack69 said...

Okay while I am at the hospital to see a doctor which is once ever decade, you slip back in. Great to see Dar's Stuffings on the alerts.
Loved the recount of past time, but I did love Bill's old dump trailer, even though it was a lot of work. I loved the ingenuity of disassembling it and letting the load fall out and through. it was neat, but WOW he got what all us boyus want, A REAl DUMP Trailer. I whish they had been perfected when I was building, would have saved a lot of work.

Anyway we saw some of the pictures of y'all's work on Mom's house it was outstanding.

I can see you high on the scaffold in the cabin, that is high, girl.

Take care and it is great to read about Dar's STUFF!(ings)

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

Miss ya! Welcome back w/o pictures :(