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Sunday, May 9, 2010

To answer some of your concerns about our black bear visit :
The big black BEAR fears me much more than I fear him. They run from whatever they see usually because of their bad eyesight. However, they can smell 100's of times better than we can. They can smell you making your supper from over a mile away. He did not return last night but after he makes his neighborhood round trips in search of spring gifts of garbage, compost heaps, bird feeders, he will be back.
I did find my lost hook but not the suet feeder that hung on it. This was no ordinary 4 inch square feeder, but what used to be a nice metal and plastic tubed sunflower feeder. Another bear had destroyed the tube bye biting it and shattering it, rendering it useless for seed. I pulled the tube out after bending the metal back into shape and started to cut butchering tallow scraps into strips to fit down the metal-leafed case. It was a great tallow or suet feeder for the past few years. Now I will be lucky to find it up a tree somewhere in the swamp like Mel's feeder that got swiped by a bear a few years back.

I hope all of you mothers and grandmothers out there are having a wonderful Mothers Day.
I am NOT. Oh, the kids all called and I am grateful for that. None of them could make it home this time, and I am grateful for that also.
You see, I STILL have this miserable 'WHATEVER IT IS'....
Bill isn't much better, so we both did something we have not done in all of our married life. .... We SLEPT IN until 10:30 this morning. He at least, could sleep lying down. I slept in the recliner, upright again.
Nothing is working to get rid of our tightly congested heads and not a bit of strength. That's it . We JUST Can NOT breathe without our mouths open. We are not a pretty sight! Good thing we love each other or we would look at one another and say , 'eeeeegads', and leave. We still have said the 'eeeeegads', but we are both still here feeling sorry for each other.
I'm not asking for sympathy, just want you all to take care and stay healthy, cause this one is the pits.
Have a great week............I'm sleeping in.


~mel said...

So sorry Mom's Day is so in the pits for you ~ and Bill. Sounds like it's time to get the Vapor Rub out and smear each other up. I know it helps me when I get conjested like that. ((HUGS)) Take care and take a lot of naps ~ it sounds like that's what your body is in need of right now.

jack69 said...

Whoa, sleep in! That is my norm. LOL. I know the sleeping in was not as much fun as doing it just to be lazy like me.
I hope you have many happy Mothers days left, none will be like this, they will all be filled with visits hugs and loving.
Sorry you guys are in the pits breathing wise. (But it is great youare breathing even if it is through the mouth, it is breathing!)

Yeah, I know the bears are more afraid of the human, but.................. sometimes!!

Love from NC and get better soon, it ain't fun to pick on someone who ain't feeling well. Sorta feel like a suck egg dog!

Paula said...

Thanks for the bear info. I still can't imagine turning my porch light on and seeing a black furry thing as big as me. lol Hope you and Bill feel better soon and I won't say happy mother's day except for next year.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Sorry you are feeling so bad, Dar.... I hope that you will continue to REST this week and get well.... Hope you find your suet feeder. A raccoon stole TWO of ours once --and we never did find either of them!!!!

Glad to be home.... Had a wonderful day with my 'baby'---who is almost 39 now... ha


Fred Alton said...

You had me laughing with the "eeeeeegads" but loving each other too much to leave! I'm really sorry to hear that you two feel so rotten but "this too shall pass"! Since my retirement Frances and I find ourselves sleeping in occasionally also. It's a great feeling to know I don't have to get up if I don't want to. Most mornings tho - it's up by 6:00 to 6:30. Get better soon.

Rebecca said...

I like living with bears vicariously through YOU! :) Keep sharing the adventures. I find them fascinating...as long as they are your adventures!

Suz said...

Oh my I missed that post....gotta go read