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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Come Walk With Me

Welcome to our little bit of peace and quiet...
unless you consider the brambling brook...
A perfect place for Church...so
We need a preacher so let me introduce 'Jack-in-the-Pulpit'.
Isn't he a handsome specimen, so tall and stately, demanding our undivided attention...

It seems that someone has moved in on the peek of the cabin ridgepole...
I see our Eastern Phoebe have returned to add to the forest choir. They are perched in the hemlock watching over their young as knowing that the nosy gal below them is just taking pictures again.
Foamflowers and amongst the large bed of them I found...
An old shed antler from years past already full of moss and well chewed apart by the mice.
Marsh Marigolds are lining the creek shore. I remember as a kid, we called them Cowslips which is a different looking plant. We would go to the pond, gather a handful, wash them thoroughly and put them in our sandwich with a shake of salt and pepper. What a treat~
Normally this area is under water, but during this dry spell, it is covered in Foamflowers. What a grateful surprise.
Our woods is full of the Nodding Trillium, not the Large Flowered Trillium like most of our county. These little guys bend to the earth, faces down.
The underside of this beauty.
Fern Fiddleheads are unfurling and ready for picking. When fried in a bit of real butter (which, by the way, is so much more healthy than the fake butters and margarines that are made of plastic---have you ever noticed that if you let it sit out, it NEVER spoils?...)...got side-tracked. When fried in that wonderful fresh butter, fiddleheads taste just like asparagus or fresh green peas.
Black Snakeroot that get the deep purple snake berries on them that are very toxic. No wonder the deer leave them alone.
And finally, I have tons of bedding plants to get into my planters and beds so,
it's off to a day outside planting, watering and mulching. Yesterday the onions and peas finally touched Mother Earth. Let's hope we see produce.
Have a beautiful, memorable day
From my heart to yours


Suz said...

Oh I wish I could take a walk with you in those gorgeous woods...and that creek...delightful
I would never leave though

The White Farmhouse said...

See, I could never pick stuff. I would definitely poison myself. One year I picked a bunch of what I thought were morels. My husband scared me so bad that I couldn't bring myself to eat them. The woods are so beautiful. I can't wait til we have a weekend to get up to our place in Houghton Lake!

GardenofDaisies said...

What a beautiful walk around your property! Loved seeing all the wildflowers. I love trilliums!

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

Yours is the second blog I've read about eating fiddlheads. And the real butter part, so yummy, I have recently switched to real butter myself. Do you have one of those french butter keepers?

madcobug said...

What a delightful walk around your place with you. Thanks for sharing. Helen

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh --how I would love having those woods near to me... I love Trillium. We have it in the Smokies.

You have a beautiful 'church' there---with all of the music (choir) and the water (baptism) and the preacher (Jack--in next post).... Love it, Dar.

jack69 said...

Loved the walk, but the winner is the Fernh fiddle head. I have never seen one. You hae a head full of information. Nice to walk with you!
Love from NC
Sherry & Jack

lil sis said...

Cowslips - now thats a name I haven't heard in
awhile. I sure wish I could be walking and
talking with you going down one of those trails.
It's cool that you found another deer shed.. make
something neat out of it.
Catch up with you later - love ya, me

Dar said...

Re: Suz, Come, sit a spell, spend a night in the cabin and zzzzzzzone
White, Enjoy you Houghton Lake retreat.
Daisies and Helen, Glad you came along.
Osage, Now, just what is 'one of those butter keepers?'
Betsy, Aren't the woods wonderful. Hugs backatcha!
Jack and Sherry, and Osage, Fern Fiddleheads are the ferns in their unfurling stage of early growth. They have to be picked in their tight form to eat or they taste like ferns instead of peas. LOL...Jack, Look down once in awhile when you are walking in the spring. You will be amazed of the blessings before you. You may even spot a Jack-in-the-Pulpit!
Lil Sis- Girly, You are welcome atthe woods trails ANY time but you have to spend the night with me at the cabin and have somemore's and weinies over the fire. I plan to do a handle for something with that shed...soon. Won't that be cool? Loveya Colleen. and CANNOT wait to hug your neck.
BlessYourHeart SIS

Fred Alton said...

What a fabulous place you all have there! Thanks for taking the good pictures and sharing info about the plants, etc.

Rebecca said...

Beautiful! I loved the tour, it motivated me to get my gardens finished being ready up for the season.

Dianna said...

Beautiful pictures...as always! Enjoyed your comment about the fiddle heads. I love them! Our daughter-in-law picked up some while we were in Maine and fixed them for dinner one evening. She steamed hers. Do you ever pickle them? That was my first experience with them...I have come to the conclusion that I love them anyway they are fixed! :)