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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Honey, I'm Home

One way or another, my aim must be to make all of you as patient as I must be.
My day started out fine. Same old, same old. We have been a single vehicle couple for some time now, so, having a 'Honey-Do' list of my own today, I took Bill into work so I could fill up the truck. Not with gas, but with 'things'.
My goals were nearly all accomplished.
By 7:45 a.m., I was at the farm which is only 8 miles from my house, over the river and through the woods, over the river again and through the woods again.
Mom was already outside carrying water to her chicks and feeding them with her usual smile on her face as I drove in. We took the usual tour around the yard to see what perennials were coming and checked the garden to see if any of her asparagus was up yet. The blueberry bushes look good, having survived the winter fine, as well as tons of yellow hollyhocks and bachelor buttons in blue.
I wanted to check to see if she had any willow branches that needed cutting. We cut away the ones that usually slap you in the face while mowing the lawn, and picked up the dead branches that lay all over under the tree and piled them for one of the boys to pick up with the trailer later. I took an armful for another project that I'm doing. There was also grapevine that needed clipping so I started lopping them off too. I have a couple of flower beds to fence so Dear Bill doesn't mow too close so I'm making waddles. I'm hoping the grapevine and the willow will work fine. If not, it will mean a trip to the woods with the trailer in search of straight, flexible sapplings. After I finish them I will take a picture for those of you who have no idea what a waddle looks like.
During the lopping and tugging on the entangled vines, Mom had just warned me not to loose my balance, when, down I went. I got right back up and didn't think anything of it, keeping up the pace of lop, tug and twine, until I had what I needed.
After a couple glasses of water, a short sit-down with Mom, and a visit, I still went to Mel's down the road, and see how she was getting along. We walked her yard too and ate all the 'Mother Earth' eye candy in her flower beds, her waterfall and pond, her lush hypertufas, and clever fencing. I was so happy to see she was feeling and moving so much better.
I still had groceries to get, have I ever mentioned how much I hate grocery shopping? By time they were put away, it was time to go and get Bill. I didn't feel like I had done a thing.
After a grilled steak and zuchinni, I still wanted to finish my 'Project'. I finally sat down for more than 10 minutes when, OUCH. I guess I did hurt myself when I fell. My backside is bruised and NOT making me happy.
I DID nearly finish my project, but not completely. It's not all it's hyped-up to be but, it will do. Here's a hint!!!!!
Until tomorrow evening,
Bless You All for Being Patient
You are all such good sports


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Dar, So Mel has a WATERFALL????? Holy Cow---she's so lucky!!!! Get a picture for me sometime. I don't hear from her much.

You will have to show me a picture of a waddle.... I know it's some kind of fence --but what????? Teach me, Teacher!!!!! Thanks!

You are so lucky to still have your mother. I miss mine so much. She died in 1991 ---long before I met George. I wish she could know him and see how happy her little girl is now.


GardenofDaisies said...

You are like the energizer bunny! You just go go go go all day long! I don't know how you keep up with everything!

Anonymous said...

I just keep thinking we ought to bubble wrap you Mom. :)


Paula said...

I would like to know what a waddle is. Nice you all live so close.

Darla said...

What a productive day. Sorry you hurt yourself Dar..okay show your project..

Dianna said...

Hope your backside is feeling better today, Dar! Sure sorry about your fall.

Okay...I raise my hand! I don't know what a waddle is ...no clue...is it something like a trellis? Gotta have the definition, girlfriend!

Thank you for stopping by and sharing about your kraut making process. I was sharing that with my hubby this morning after I'd read your comment. He knew exactly what you were talking about. He reminded me that I'd seen one when we went to a festival in Springs, PA. They always make kraut there at the festival and have some to sell. Ours was made in a 3 gallon crock, which I believe Carroll said would be close to what you were saying about the 20 pounds. If we have a good bit of cabbage again this year I think we are going to try making two crocks. Do you can yours once it has finished curing?

Good visiting with you, Dar. Take care of yourself now!

lil sis said...

Waddle - isn't that the loose skin that you can see shaking
around underneath your arm when you wave????

Can't wait to see your project, I'm thinking its something
shaped like a beehive???? Lets see some photos, woman!

Hope you're feeling better - I think Darcie's got a terrific
idea, bubble wrapping you and maybe even her Aunt Mel.
Later girlie - hugs and kisses.

Suz said...

Taking care of the womanfolk...you wonderful gal you!
Sorry you fell and so sorry you hurt..it may need resting to feel better and not to further injure yourself....be patient
now about that project and waddle....??????

Rebecca said...

And yet, you still had time and energy to blog!

jack69 said...

Hey, how nice to be able to drive right down to mom's and Mel's. I love how you describe your day. Always loved 'Over the river and through the woods'. LOL

Bummer about the Bum! (is that right?) LOL

I thought the Waddle was how you were walking after the bummed bummer!

You (and Mel) cannot RESIST makeing us who read hungry. y'all are responsible for the extra ten pounds!!!!! LOL

Love from NC and take care of the bruise. Just a thought, probably a nice slow massage by Dr. Bill might do the trick!!!! LOL

Dragonfly Treasure said...

How nice to be able to garden with your Mom. Miss mine terribly.
Anxious to see your waddle, I made one way, way back when. So sorry you slipped. Hope your able to move today. Do take care...you deserve a day off

Sunny said...

Hi Dar, Thanks for the comment you left on my blog! You and Mel are so encouraging! I love your little mailbox project. Sounds like you have fun with your life,,, that is so important. I'll be visiting from time to time!