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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Fun Roadtrip

Sometimes, ya just gotta get away. So, Yesterday, I took a roadtrip with sister Mel and B-I-L, Slim. Seems he had some business with a fur buyer, so we rode along to spend his money.
Before we even got there, via, Garmin GPS, (even tho, he knows the way), the big guy (Slim), turns left instead of right. We won't even go there just yet.
Our first stop was Bletsoe's Honey Bee Cheese Factory in Marathon, WI., where we snagged some fine blocks of fresh Wisconsin cheeses, Spun Honey and Blueberry Jam...oh, did I mention, that which you see on the table is just mine. It fit in the bottom of one grocery bag. Mel and Slim, however, filled 2 boxes full of cheese for every Tom, Dick and Harry on their long list.
Just on my table, is, Top, left to right, Cheese Curds so fresh, they were still warm and squeak in your teeth when you bite them, oh sooo good., Blueberry Jam.
Center, More cheese curds, Spun Honey, Monterey Jack with Caraway, Mild Cheddar, Queso Blanco Mexican Fry Cheese with chives and garlic.
Bottom row, Baby Swiss ( which is going into French Onion Swiss Casserole tonight), Tomato/Basil Cheddar, Onion Cheese, Colby, (deriving it's name from it's founder town of Colby, WI, just down the road a piece). It's still my favorite. You cannot beat the full, mild flavor of Colby.
While the Big Guy was busy selling, Mel and I were eyeing up all the goodies in the nursery that Jack, the proprietor, had just gotten in an hour earlier. Not many were priced yet, but we were happy to wander and wait before we pounced.
I got two Cotoneaster shrubs and a Mohican Viburnum.

Some of his beautiful, full shrub prices were unbelievably low.

Before anything else goes in the ground, I have some eliminating to do first. The gophers and moles have been a real problem in my yard since the dry spell. Worse yet, are the grub patches all over my lawn.

A stop at the Fleet Farm, and more seeds were added to my growing box of seeds. As soon as the ground warms, the cool weather seeds are going in, such as the carrots, peas, lettuce, radishes, spinach...can't wait.
We have our normal weather back, after being teased a couple of weeks ago with that unseasonably warm front. Patience, Dar. Aren't the gourd seeds I got this year going to be fun for the GrandLoves to help paint into birdhouses?
SO, with all of the prep-work I have to do even before planting, all of you are
WELCOME, to come and help. Free iced tea and crumpets (what are crumpets, anyway?), and a big (((squeeze))) and a thank you, to all who wish to help. No charge for the aching joints, sunburns, or laughs.
God Bless You All as You GetErDone'


Suz said...

What a trip you had...and oh my that good cheese.....
and plants!

Rebecca said...

Fun post. Those prices for shrubs look very nice! I never saw mole max before, but I think we have them under control by getting rid of grubs...so far. This year we upped the height of the deer fencing to help with that problem. Its a wonder you can get anything to eat with all the competition out there.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Dar: What a haul, you really got ready for a fight. The cheeses look splendid.

The White Farmhouse said...

Yum! Look at all that cheese! I think I was a mouse in a previous life cause I just love cheese. I was drooling over the baby swiss! So hard to find a good one here.

I can't wait to see your garden. I am getting excited about my little one. Not looking forward to all the work though.

Cher' Shots said...

I love WI cheese! Great minds do think alike, I was just going through all my seeds, making a list and checking it twice ~ oh wait, that's another season - todays snow confused me!

~mel said...

It was fun ... Slim does know how to amuse! He makes me laugh ~ I guess that's why I keep him around. Everybody needs to take a cheese run once in awhile ~ it's good for the soul.

jack69 said...

Man do I love to go shopping with you. I love cheese. Have never had curds.
Were you in a big van or a dump truck? Wow. But you know, I love Colby, but never knew the name was derived from a town. I thought it was a certain process, Thanks.

A guy should learn something new every day, I did today! Thanks. I also learned you and Mel can shop. Is that called putzing around, as Mel mentioned?

Love from NorthCarolina
Sherry & Jack

Shelley said...

Hearing about all those cheeses were making me hungry! Instead of a cookie monster - I am a cheese monster - love it!

crochet lady said...

I like visiting cheese factories and trying samples and of course getting fresh cheese curds.

Looks like your really getting ready to do some serious work. I've got a lot of that coming up for me to.

Paula said...

I would hate to be a mole under your ground, however a shopping trip might work.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Dar, Wow---did you all hit the jackpot...I would love love love that cheese---all of it. I never knew that Colby Cheese got its name from the town... Neat!

We use Liquid Fence to keep the deer off our our property/yard/flowers. We've used it for several years --and it works.

I have a friend who has a mole problem ---so I'll tell her about that replellent.

Glad you had a wonderful time --and got lots of great STUFF.


madcobug said...

All those cheeses and things look delicious. I hope you get rid of all the critters where you can have a good garden. Thanks for coming by my blog and leaving a comment. I dread seeing all the blooming things get frost bit here tonight. It's cooler here this morning but nothing like you have, thank goodness. Helen

holdingmoments said...

What a great selection of cheese. Something I eat too much of sometimes lol

Have a great weekend.