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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Brunch and Funtime

Some of our family gathered at our home for Easter Brunch and Funtime on Saturday. We always love to see Mom enjoy the festivities, after all, she and Dad (in the picture on the shelf), started it all.

The next four pictures are of our children and their babies, our GrandLoves.
Meet my daughter Darcie and her boys , Austin and Christopher. Little Austin loves the horses like his Mom and Christopher is into cars. He can name just about every one he sees.
This is Bill's namesake, Bill, Jr., his wife, Jolene, and daughters Megan and Katie. Mom Jolene, is holding Megan's hand down so she doesn't hide her face with her eggs again. She did not want her picture taken. Megan has a 'puppy love' crush on her cousin, Sy. She even made him a card filled with stickers. Katie, with the braid her Daddy did for her, loves school. She and I had many special moments this visit.
I'm not sure why, but my son, Dustin is pulling their daughter, Ryele's ear. She's a little princess. With them is Josh, the hockey, baseball and football kid, and Mom Steph.
Meet our son, Andy and Danielle, and sons Syrus in the center, big boy Ben and Baby Noah. They all just moved into a new apartment while they save to buy their first home. Sy and Ben are so excited to have their own room again and new bunks. Noah just wants to take a nap!
Sneaking away from the camera each time, was Bill's son Stacy who has two daughters, Hannah and Chloe, who spent Easter in Baraboo. Brother Eric was another one who avoids the camera at all costs. I was taking the pictures so none of this mug either. Ha!
Of course, we had an Easter Egg hunt for the little ones. Actually, it allows the BIG kids to be little again for just a while.
Where, MoM? Where's the egg?

Megan and Ben finding another egg.
I LOVE this shot of our GrandLoves. Left to right, back, Sy, Megan, Katie, Ryele, Josh, Christopher. Front, Austin, Noah, Ben.
Nine of the eleven were home for Easter. YES!!!
Easter is not Easter without an exhilarating run through the field. So, let's go fly a kite . At one time, there were 7 kites in the air.
The most I could get in one shot was 4 but this one of 3 was a bit more clear. What a beautiful day to fly a kite with just the right gusts of wind to carry them high but not so strong that the little ones couldn't do them alone. They were so giggly.
Even the big kids got into the fun. Fly that hawk, Darc.
Ryele's kite flew up to the highest heights,Let's go fly a kite, Austin, and send it s o a r i n g.
Grandpa was about to get the kite up and Ben says,
"O.K., I'm done Papa!" Even Grandpa flew the kite anyway.
It was a great day.
More memories were made for the photo albums. What holds close to my heart was when Katie says, "Grandma, you are my fun Grandma. We always do such fun things when we come to your house." She melted my heart.

I Hope your hearts were melted this weekend with fond memories, new and old.



Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh Dar, I love seeing your big family... I have always been in a small family ---and I miss that 'family' involvement... My 3 sons are scattered all over--and we just never seem to get together. I have 5 grands and George has 2... They are all so important to me ---but we don't get to have the experiences you have. I guess I'm envious--of so many kids/grands. Your Mom must be a really neat lady!!!! Is your Dad dead? Both of my parents are dead now --as are both of my brothers.

Glad you had a fabulous Easter--and thanks for sharing your family.

Dee said...

I'm Loving every precious minute of these fun filled family photos. Gosh I admire your family. It must be wonderful to celebrate the holidays and special days with such a big loving family. Thanks for sharing this special part of your heart with us.

Dar said...

Re: Betsy and Dee- we are just ONE branch of 11. Just counting into first cousins, we are well over 200. When we get together, we still do it in each others yards, and sometimes we rent a hall for maybe a wedding., not always tho. We do know how to cook for a crowd. Mom taught us well.

lil sis said...

Loving the updates and pics of the family.
The photos are great. Wish I could have flown
the kites with you, looks like a blast.
I'm glad you were surrounded by the kiddies,
and I'm sure they had a great time with you and
Love ya lots, me

Dianna said...

Thank you, Dar, for sharing such precious memories with us! Glad that you had such a wonderful Easter celebration with your kids/grands on Saturday. What a blessing!

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

Looks like a fun day. I looked for kites but didn't find any. It would have been a perfect day here, so windy!
Love the group picture of the grandkids.

The White Farmhouse said...

What a beautiful family you have! I think I would also call you the fun grandma too! It looks like everyone was enjoying themselves immensely! What a great time! I do have to say though, that your Mom looks fabulous! So radiant!

crochet lady said...

What a blessed Easter you had with your family around you. I hope that someday I'll be called the "Fun Grandma."

Cher' Shots said...

Thanks for sharing your Easter! I'll have to post some of our week with the grandloves. :)

imac said...

Great family gettogether - Happy Easter.

jack69 said...

Great entry and pictures of a fun loving and loving family. It looked so satisfying to see the egg hunters and kite flyers. Wow does that all bring back family memories.
Thanks bunches for uploading the pictures. What a crew. And the Grand kids, what darlings. We know you and Bill are very proud.
Love from Tennessee,
Jack & Sherry

quiltmom said...

We went to my parents for Easter too- My father will turn 79 this week and I know he was happy to have most of his children home as well as some of his grandchildren. My sister cooked so that my mom didn't have to do it all. It was a fabulous dinner of course.
Your children look quite a bit alike- beautiful smiles- They look like they are all having a good time together.
Warmest regards,

Jacquelyn Stager said...

Hi Dar, thanks for visiting my place today! Looks you you DID have a wonderful Easter as well! I hope my family will increase in size as yours did! WOW, you have a lot of 'em to love, don't you?

Hey have you heard of anything to keep snakes away? We have a little area of wetlands nearby and it freaks me out every year to see a couple snakes in our yard. On Easter when the kids went out to play on the swings, there was an 18 inch long one. So that was the end of THAT.

Beautiful photos, as always!