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Monday, February 22, 2010

In Celebration

This Feb. day marks two reasons for celebration in our family.
Today would have been my parents 63rd Anniversary. Dad rests with Our Lord a couple years now... A little story goes with this verse, Psalms 118:verse 24. If you click on the picture, it is much easier to read.
Mom and Dad would, sometime throughout their day, whether working in the garden, eating breakfast, or playing their daily game of cribbage, they would recite this verse. One would start it and end any where they pleased and the other would finish it. I heard it many, many times and loved that they shared such an intimate part of their day with whoever happened to be within earshot. Thanks folks. You taught me what real love is.We celebrate that our sister Lana also sits at our Lords right hand. Today marks her 1st year of her passing. We are grateful she is no longer in this earths pain and that she and Dad are the Angels that help us all through our days. She was a treasure. I rest assured that I will see her and Dad again someday, at our Lord's choosing. For now, I continue to be grateful for the time we did have together and look forward to seeing them again.

Thanks to two dear friends, you know who you are, for sharing these wonderful memory pictures. They fit my folks and sister perfectly.

God is Good and may He Bless Your Day


jack69 said...

I lost a comment, but will try again. That 'other' lady up north had parents who would have been married 63 yrs today. Y'all might have went to different schools together.

You never know how much you help folks. I said on Mel's Blog, I think I needed this. TWo positive attitudes in a row. Bless you guys.
That verse has helped us and others who believe it.
Jack & Sherry
PS: I understand you should never call that other lady up north until after 6AM, She no functionee, earlier. But I honestly have to ask, DO PEOPLE REALLY GET UP THAT EARLY????!!!!

Thanks! I appreciate reading this entry. (But am skeered of all that ICE you show!

Rebecca said...

A beautiful post.

Dianna said...

What a touching post in memory of your dad and sister, Dar. Thank you for sharing how your life was touched by each of them. May the remainder of your day be blessed.

lil sis said...

Thanks to you (and Mel too) for the
great memories of Lana and Daddy.
It's been one of those bittersweet days
for sure. I will always hear Lana's laugh
and see Daddy's twinkling eyes along with all of his
other Teddyisms. Aren't we privileged to be
able to call them our family?
Love ya,

Paula said...

Having trouble leaving you a comment but here I go trying again. This was a very touching entry. God Bless you all.

crochet lady said...

I have family that I miss dearly too but am so glad they are in the hands of the Lord. What a blessing that is to know.

Cher' Shots said...

Dar, I've had both of them on my mind so much ~ but especially today! We were and are so fortunate to have had them in our lives. Not to brag but we do really have a wonderful family. ""heartfelt hugs""

Dar said...

Re: To my 3 cyber Real Sisters, the non-cyber Sis and our 3 brothers too...Yes, we ARE so fortunate to have come from such a wonderful family...it really has been a Bittersweet day full of Memorable Privilege...
We Have So Been Blessed by God and our Angels.
Love You Gals