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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Creekside Retreat/Our Cabin in the Woods

Some of my blog family and friends have been asking to see the inside of our cabin. So, here's a peek. I hope not to bore you but to inspire you to build your own little retreat, whether it's log, stick, brick, or leaves. We all need to get away from it all once in awhile.
This is a night shot of the outside. Someday, I will post the process of building our labor-intensive, hand hewed log cabin.
It goes by many names depending on the purpose of its use at the time. It's been called The Creekside Retreat, The Hunting Shack, The Halloween House, The Christmas Cabin, The Ponderosa, The Get-Away. This weekend it held double duty as The Get-Away for myself and hubby, and as The Heater for the ice fishermen that spent their nights surrounded by warm logs.
We have a trout creek just below the hill and love a panful of them for breakfast when we can catch them. My bamboo pole is so long and difficult to manage in parts of the narrow creek, but this little expandable extension rod does the trick, so...
My poor snowshoes have been a part of the decor this winter. Either it has been way too cold or my brittle bones have not allowed me to strap them on. I swear tho, I will use them yet. It's almost time to start to look for sheds....dropped deer antlers, for those of you unfamiliar with that term. The hunt for them is like looking for hunters gold.
The main floor is One Big Room containing what log Home owners call a Great Room, we call it the R & R Room, the dining-card playing area of two tables, a kitchenette, bar, 1/4 bath with porta-potty for night use by women and children only, and our log bed in need of a headboard and footboard yet. It will not be shown until completed.
This is the view from the top of the loft stairs looking to the south wall.
Our pot-bellied stove is serving its 3rd life in our cabin. It previously was the heat source for my Grandparents one room house that they raised 7 children in. The chimney block also came from that building which, at the time of its transfer, was a hunting shack that was about to be torn down. The stove also heated 1/2 of the home I grew up in with 8 siblings. So, I'm honored to be using the pot-belly in our cabin. It's a piece of our family history.
The sink has a faucet which is funny to me....ya see, there are no modern conveniences in our cabin...no electricity, no running water. We carry our water in jugs from the house and we use either batteries or a generator for our lights. We burn firewood for heat and use a privy. Very cold in winter but, it has a light, when the generator is going. The barrel bar is duel-purpose as additional counter space. All of the barrel furniture is a temporary donation from my brother.
Another duel purpose item, is this ceiling that doubles as the floor for the loft. Not much privacy in this cabin...all open.
The loft holds 6 single beds, 2 coffee tables and a couple of chairs. It was full of ice fishermen this weekend so I didn't venture up there for a picture. Our cabin mascot, Lil Bear, is climbing the stair post. I made him out of an old fur coat. This spring, we will be doing deep cleaning and resealing the logs. At that time, I hope to do some serious decorating MY way...too many antlers are hanging around. It's my turn.
While resting and relaxing back there over this weekend, I was looking at my son's deer mount on the wall and decided to draw it for him...I'm not satisfied yet, so I have to ask Dad in heaven to intervene and help me realize where I have it wrong....crazy huh?
We have a notepad hanging on the post. I love it when our guests leave little notes....I wish they all would. It's so fun to read their stories and thoughts of their stay at our cabin in the woods.
I hope I haven't wasted your time. May you find your 'retreat' and use it. It may be a special room in your home or a favorite chair near a window. In any case, enjoy YOUR R & R space.
God Bless


Anonymous said...




Dianna said...

No time wasted here, Dar! I loved reading about and seeing your cabin in the woods! What a special place! I have a special place...a big overstuffed chair in our living room. That's where I go to have some quiet time alone with the Lord, and also where I love to sit and read, or crochet. As you say...the important thing is that we use our special place to get away...not what or where it is. Thanks for the tour...and your sketch of the deer is SO good. You and Mel surely do possess some wonderful God given talents.

Kay said...

What a cool place!

crochet lady said...

It is my hope and dream to have such a great place someday. When my kids are gone and married, I want to live in a little cabin by a lake where my hubby can fish all day and I can read all day. What bliss that will be...until then I make do with my chair in a sunny spot in the winter and my glider swing on the deck in the summer.

Thanks so much for the tour of your cabin!

Stine in Ontario said...

What a wonderful retreat! I wish it were mine!

Darla said...

A lot of love has been put into this getaway!

Dragonfly Treasure said...

I love your cabin!! so interesting th read about all the history and see all the cool things. You are a fantastic artist! I truly enjoyed the tour!
Have a great week

Dee said...

Awesome! I think this is a rose by any other name situation, no matter what the cabin is called, it's just awesome. Thank you so much for sharing it's charm and comfort with us.

I love the pot bellied stove. What a wonderful gift to have a use heirloom still functional and keeping you all warm and snug through the generations.

Your sketch is fabulous. I don't see anything wrong with it. You are really talented. I think it's sweet that you ask your Dad for help, I believe that he hears you.

Wishing you a week of warmth and good cheer!

janet said...

I can picture myself in that big old chair upstairs with a cup of coffee gazing out the window at all the beauty outside. ;-)

Porch Days said...

What a great cabin. How nice that the pot bellied stove is in its third life. The little book for guests to write in will bring back memories for years to come. Thanks for the tour!

Do you have a hammock outside or even inside?

jack69 said...

Absolutely beautiful log cabin. And I am sure it was/is work intensive to get it to this point. Never heard them called 'sheds'. Learn something everyday.
Nice sketch, left handed, huh? I hear that makes a good artist! (or rock thrower). LOL
TAke care and enjoy the cold while you have it, it will soon be gone. LOL
Sherry & jack

lil sis said...

Darlin' Dar, I can't wait to kick my shoes off in that cabin again.
It's such a relaxing, beautiful place.
The picture you took are great. They really show the personality
of the place. You should have taken a pic of the metal "advertisement
plate" from when you were still in high school... I love that!
I expect to see that on this web sometime. It's too cool.

Dar said...

OMG Colleen, I completely forgot about that metal ad...lol...now I just HAVE TO go back to the cabin again...poor me.
loveya, missya, hugya, kissya my lil TX troubadour. When are we going to see some of you and your awesome poetry on here?
Bless Your Heart Lil Sis

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Dar: What a neat place, I liked to visit and catch a few fish. I'll send you a photo of the deer in my yard this week.

Shelley said...

I loved this tour of your retreat!! I want to see more photos! Looks so cozy and cute! Love that pot bellied stove!!