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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bring It On

Spring and Summer cannot come soon enough. The winter has been so much longer, it seems. I am so ready for some
Frog Jumping Contests,
Rides through the woods trails to the cabin,
Planting Sugar Snap Peas,
Ice cream giggles,
And more ice cream giggles,
Merry-go-round rides,
Four-wheel rides at Easter to kick off spring, GGrandma with 7 of my Grands.
Softball games with 3 of the granddaughters,
Rock-hopping the creek by the cabin,
And Grasshoppers to squish.
So, I say, bring on the spring and summer for lots of outside fun in the sun, green grass and gardens, GrandLoves and Loves..I wonder what this year will bring?


God Bless Your Hopes


Dianna said...

I love your enthusiasm! And your pictures are GREAT! You have such beautiful grandkids...but then I guess you know that already. :)

Great post, Dar!

Cher' Shots said...

This time of year I think we all get a little "cabin fever." Its snowing as I type this... but I know spring is on its way :) But thanks for sharing your summer pics!

jack69 said...

(Lost another comment, musta slid on the ice.)
Fooled me for a moment at a glance, I thought you already had spring, I was ready to pull up the jacks and head north, but alas you were just dreaming.
Beautiful memory shots though and we are also ready for that stuff.
Love from down in NORTH Carolina.
Sherry & Jack

GardenofDaisies said...

Grandchildren must make take the world to a whole new level of specialness. Can't wait for spring!

Darla said...

How much fun does summer bring for the little ones and the bigger ones watching?!!

crochet lady said...

Can't wait. I really am so tired to seeing snow. I even welcome the mud.

Paula said...

You have lots of great ideas in your head dancing around. Happy Spring to all of you.

janet said...

Love the ice cream giggles!!