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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Longing For Spring

Bill has been having to weigh down the bucket to plow our heavy snows
We are 'so' longing for spring but winter has just begun
We long for leisurely swinging in the hammock with our Wee Ones
In this 'oh so comfortable' one I made years back
And times shared with Teddy Bears and Puppies on the tire swing
With Ryele's loves
We long for green grasses and flats of flowers waiting to be potted
But these icy cold 8 below sunrises is what we have been blessed with
It is accepted only by it's awesome beauty at 6 a.m....
The fire in the woodstove feels warm and welcoming,
And the hot cappuccino my son just poured in my coffee cup warms
my thoughts for the day
So, my goal for this day, is to pour over the seed catalogs,
place some orders in the back of my mind,
keep the fire stoked,
do another 300 piece puzzle with my grandson,
bake some black cherry muffins and just stay warm.
It's our last day for awhile with my grandson, so we will play lots of games, read to each other and just 'cozy up'. Hopefully the day will warm enough for some fun in the snow. He wants to dig a fort in the snowbank....

You all stay warm wherever you are and
Blessings Be Yours


~mel said...

I think I would nix the fort in the snowbank for a warmer day ~ it's nasty cold out there! Tell Syrus to get some blankets out and let him make a fort in the house. The pic of Josh, Ryele and Syrus in the hammock sure is cute; as is the one with Rye and her stuffed animals in the swing. Your sunrise picture is cool ~ fire and ice.
Have a great day sis, and stay warm!

Dee said...

Brrr, that snow looks so cold and permanent. Bless your hearts. We got cold weather, but thankfully only one small snow so far... however usually our hardest winter is from about the last of February until the middle of March... ~sigh~ sooo, we could still get a snow storm or two yet.
I'm so homesick for Spring. I agree with you whole-heartily.
I love the pictures of the little ones, they're all so happy and cute... Adorable.

Wishing you a warm day of fun garden planning.

Anonymous said...

Winter has settled in. I love all the photos. Keep warm Dar and spring will be back in about 3 months. :)

Jacquelyn said...

we got one of those tunnels for our grands this year! Glad to hear they "last"! I LOVE your tradition of the birthday cake for Jesus, and cut into a star shape. WOW. Wonderful to pass this on, generation to generation! I'm still mostly "out of the blogging loop" -- busy with mother-in-law and grandchildren. m-i-l did get home from the hospital w/oxygen. She is definitely entering another new phase of life Woke up to more new and beautiful snow here this am, but I go crazy knowing my kids have to drive to work in it. Waiting for my grands to arrive now. Stay warm and I'll be in touch more soon!