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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Family Time

Early Morning Fog is Lifting

Sweet Little Ryele
Silly Little Syrus
Time for a walk

Learning how to cut Boughs for a wreath
Practice Josh and get the Big One
Making Firewood for the cabin
Wormwood-a process that happens under the bark during decay-the worms leave an eating trail
Orange Jelly Fungi
Sneaking a peek through a hollow log
finders keepers...we still find treasures dumped in our woods from many, many moons past prior to our ownership....
Nice deer track in the sand
We tend this creek that belongs to the forest...it rambles below our cabin
interesting creek foam
Chatty Cathy
Our day ended with a beautiful sunset
Just the coolest fire-red sunset....wow

The past three days have been spent catching up with some family time. Three of the boys were home so, of course, we spent that time in one of my favorite places, the woods. My grandson Sy learned how to pile firewood with his Daddy, Uncle Stac and Grandpa, and he learned how to cut boughs for making Christmas wreaths with me.
Grandson Josh learned how to shoot his bow from different vantage points from a tree stand with his Dad while Grandpa, Uncle Stac, Grandma and his little sister Ry supervised. And of course, Ry and Sy spent lots of cousin time playing various games in the woods like who can throw a rock the farthest...Ryele has a great arm, for a girl, says her cousin Sy. Sy also learned how the Puffball Mushroom got its name as he stepped on one to see the spores dust from it and what Orange Jelly Fungi is.
All this outside fun and not once, did our babygrands want to come into the house to watch TV or play video games. They were all completely 'into' the fresh air and the wonders of the woods.
Nothing gives me more pleasure than to see that what I had taught Josh years ago, he is doing today as a new hunter. He has remembered to walk quietly by stepping heel-to-toe. Even in the crispiest dried leaves, your walk will be silent. His Great Grandma taught me that years ago and it has been very valuable in getting some great animal and bird shots throughout my life. Now, to see him do the same, well, my heart wells up with great pride.
I hope you enjoy the walk through our weekend.
Blessings Be Yours


April said...

Beautiful pictures of your walk in the woods and your interesting discoveries! It's so nice that your grandchildren are going along and learning about nature from you.

Cher' Shots said...

We just had a whirlwind visit with Shannon and the girls. They love the outdoors too! All the little things we share with them now will become big things in years to come.

Dee said...

I love all the family posts and pictures you've shared, so sweet and charming. You are truly blessed and I know your family is blessed by having you loving, teaching and enjoying every wonderous aspect of life with them. Mother Nature is so much more enchanting than the old tv or video games. You're a peach of a Grandma! :)

Wishing you a week of wonderful smiles!

~mel said...

I love your Kodak moments...thanks for sharing. We too have been enjoying this wonderful land that we've been blessed to live in. Have a great week!