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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Tricksters

A Trick for a Treat by Benji the Garden Knome
A Spooky Halloween Eve Sky ooooaaahhhheeeeooo
Good Little trick-or-treaters!!
Mario the Thinker by Syrus
Austin the Ironman 2 with his 4 yr. old haircut
Christopher the Ironman 1, the chocolate king
More of our Benji
Mario, oh Happy Mario
More of Ironman 1 & 2
GGrandma O. with her trick-or-treaters

We had a houseful of little 'trick-or-treaters' last night, 4 of our babygrands. They had come for a visit but had to return earlier today, so we tricked and treated our neighbor and their GGrandma O on Halloween Eve. They had a blast dancing around and singing the whole time. GGrandma was so happy to see them and to have them sweep her hardwood floor with their sliding knees and bodies. Enjoy the pictures of our two little Ironmen , Mario, and Benji the Garden Knome.
God Bless Your Evening with lots of Halloween Fun...


Dee said...

~~happy dance~~ Oh what a sweet sight it must of been to see the wee characters dancing about and Grandma's sparkling eyes. Times like these are so precious and enchanting.

Thank you for sharing these adorable picture of your baby grands and for sharing their time of fun with Grandma. I love it!

I could give you a big ol' hug for your happy compliments and comments on my blog.
You truly are a peach, my friend. :) You made me smile! :)

I hope the rest of your weekend is filled with lots of laughter and love.
(((Big Happy Halloween hugs)))

Cher said...

Cute, cute, cute, cute!!!
I happen to be one who adores homemade, pulled together outfits ~ and the Garden Gnome and Mario were done to perfection. I'm not saying that the ironmen wern't handsome little buggars too, just that I'm old fashioned. Thanks for sharing :)

Dar said...

BIG MIS-SPELL....on my Garden GNOME...glad you figured it out...and Cher, I'm afraid I cannot take credit for the costumes this year, tho they are so cute...also
Dee, thanks for the visits and the compliments...Have a Blessed Day my friends