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Friday, October 9, 2009

Another Glorious Fall Day

God's Framed PaintingFun in the Leaves with Dad
Beautiful, Just beautiful
Plum Good Plum Jelly

It has been so beautiful with the colors of fall, that while taking pictures, just gazing at the bright trees, I sometimes forget to breathe......
Besides the beauty of the day, I made yet another batch of jelly, this time it's Plum Jelly and oh, so good. As I was skimming the foam layer that forms from the boiling of the jelly, my grandson is peeking into the kettle and wandering what it is. I told him how, when I was a little girl, and his great Grandma O was making jelly, I could not wait for the foam to be scooped off and put on a piece of bread, and that it was one of the best tastes in the whole world. He could not even wait for the bread as his finger dipped into the cooled foam again and again and again. He said I was right, it really WAS the best taste in the whole world. He went home with a belly full of goodness today as he helped make and devour an apple tart with his Daddy too. And, of course, there is always time to play in the leaves.
Another fine fall day in God's Country. We are truly blessed :)


~mel said...

Beautiful pics...
I love the pine branch frame.
I love how you captured the leaves being tossed. Jelly foam ... yum.

Dee said...

Beautiful photos and yummy too! Aw, I love hearing about grandson. He sounds like a delightful darling. Sweet! :)